New Superfood? Japanese Pickled Turnip Could Prevent Flu

By Naveen Athrappully, Epoch Times
January 1, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Japanese researchers have found the bacteria in a weird-looking Japanese traditional pickled turnip, suguki, could prevent infection by flu and relieve symptoms, according to the Society for Applied Microbiology (SFAM) journal, Letters in Applied Microbiology.

Suguki contains Lactobacillus brevis (KB290). The experiments were conducted on mice with variants of the H1N1 virus. Some of the infected mice were given the bacteria extract. The mice given the extract improved more rapidly than the mice that weren’t. Though the flu was not completely cured, the symptoms were milder.

Research with a probiotic drink containing Lactobacillus brevis KB290 bacteria is in progress. If the experiment is proven to be successful, then this could turn out to be the next superfood.

The study was carried out by seven researchers based in New Zealand and Japan. Probiotic and vegetable drink manufacturer Kagome Company employed two out of the seven.

*Image of Suguki via Shutterstock