Mummified Couple Found on Swiss Glacier After 75 Years

July 18, 2017 Updated: July 19, 2017

Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, 79, has found peace after seven decades of searching for her parents when what appears to be their remains showed up on a glacier in Switzerland July 14.

Udry-Dumoulin told Swiss newspaper Le Matin that when she was 4, her mother and father, aged 37 and 40 respectively, went out to feed their cattle. She said that was the first time her mother had done this chore with her father because she had always been pregnant and could not travel in harsh weather conditions like those on the glacier.

The couple never came back, and after two and a half months of searching, the village rescue team gave up their search.

Bernhard Tschannen, director of ski resort company Glacier 3000 told Le Matin that the the company’s grounds caretaker discovered two bodies side by side on Glacier 3000, also known as Tsanfleuron Glacier, wearing clothes from around WWII.

They had been preserved by the glacier and their belongings, which included a watch, a backpack, and and book, according to police, were all intact.

The remains were sent to a forensic lab to be identified, and police said it could take several days before they can release their identities.

Udry-Dumoulin told Le Matin that she and her five siblings who were orphaned and split up after they lost her parents, planned to have a funeral for them. She said she plans to wear white to it because it represents the hope that she never lost.

“I must say that after 75 years of waiting this news calms me deeply, ”  said Udry-Dumoulin, according to Le Matin.

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