Mother Beats, Abandons Child on Highway: ‘I Don’t Want Him’

March 10, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A boy was picked up by police at a freeway entrance after being beaten and abandoned by his mother. When the police asked him what happened, the boy said that his score on a math test was too low, according to the Luoyang Evening News.

Police came and found the boy after people reported seeing him on the street on Feb. 22 in Henan Province, China.

In a video posted on China’s Weibo, the country’s equivalent of Twitter, the child could be seen sitting in the back of a police vehicle while the officer knelt to ask him what had happened. “Was it your mother who hit you?” the officer enquired.

The boy affirmed and sniffled, “I didn’t do well on my test.

“I didn’t get a 95 on my math test. She said I wasn’t working hard.”

In the video, the officer could be seen calling the mother on speaker phone in front of several on-lookers. He announced that he was with the police, and proceeded to tell her that she should educate her son despite any mistakes he makes.

“You can’t just toss him on the side of the road and not care about him,” the officer said.

“Well, that’s just how I do it,” the mother responded. “Anyway, I don’t want him.”

“If you really don’t want him, then you’ll have to be sued, and you’ll be jailed for more than five years,” the officer replied.

“Then please sue me!” the mother said.

“Your attitude about being a mother isn’t quite right,” the officer responded.

“I’m not being responsible for him, so just sue me,” she finally said.

Meanwhile, the boy could be seen crying while sitting in the back seat of the police car. The cameraman tries to comforts him, telling him to not cry.

The police had no choice but to take the boy to the station where the boy’s uncle was contacted. The uncle later came to pick the boy up.

Father Stabs 9-Year-Old Boy to Death After Boy Hits Daughter

A schizophrenic man stabbed a 9-year-old boy to death in September 2018 after the boy hit his daughter in the eye. A court sentenced the man, Lin Jianxia, to death by a mid-level court in Wenzhou China, on March 1.

The boy, only identified by his family name Ye, was a fourth-grade student who hit Lin’s daughter on Sept. 19, 2018. The injury was not critical, the daughter did not go to the hospital and continued school regularly, according to a police report.

Lin demanded that the boy publicly apologize for hurting his daughter but Ye did “not meet the requirements,” according to the Wenzhou Court statement.

Two days later on Sept. 21, Lin took a knife into the children’s school, Longshan Elementary School. When Lin found Ye, he took the 9-year-old to the boy’s bathroom on the third floor and killed him.

After killing Ye, Lin called 110—China’s version of 911—and waited in the bathroom for police to arrive. When the police found him, they saw Lin sitting in the blood-spattered bathroom smoking a cigarette.

According to an interview with Ye’s father, he was told by doctors that there wasn’t much hope for Ye when they arrived at the hospital. “I heard the doctor say that ‘the knife penetrated your boy’s heart.’ I already had a bad feeling.”

The doctors let Ye’s father see the boy after their attempts to save him failed. His back had at least eight large stab wounds that had been stitched closed by the doctors.

The report did not declare when Lin was diagnosed as schizophrenic. However, the court stated that Lin was in a stable period when the crime was committed. This means that he will bear responsibility for the act.

“I just want the killer to be punished according to law, so I can bring my child justice,” Ye’s father said in a teary interview.

Lin was found to have committed intentional homicide and has been sentenced to death.

Lin agreed to also pay Ye’s parents US$45,000 as compensation, according to the Beijing Youth News report.