Modern Civilization, Modern People, and Modern Diseases (Part III)

May 4, 2012 Updated: April 4, 2013

From the beginning of the industrial revolution, human beings have accelerated the destruction of the environment. Since drilling for and utilizing petroleum, humanity set about destroying and polluting the environment in earnest.

In the past, people stored things in vats, wooden containers, and willow and bamboo baskets. Vats are made from heating molded clay and do not pollute the environment. Wood, willow, and bamboo do not pollute the environment either since they grow naturally and will return to the earth when they are no longer needed.

But today, plastic products are very popular. Plastic boxes, bags, and wraps are chemical products and do not disintegrate easily. The residues of waste oil from machines, petroleum products, and detergents pollute the natural environment because they do not naturally disintegrate. These chemical products seriously pollute the water, earth, and air.

Animals and plants ingest pollutants. Additionally, man cuts down trees and damages plants, seriously hurting the environment. Consequently, countless animal and plant species are vanishing rapidly from the earth. The speed is quite amazing.

Those large animals and humans that are able to adapt to the polluted environment are unable to perceive the changes in themselves. But the poisons ingested into their bodies can be debilitating.

Some of these changes have been observed through scientific tests, but most of them cannot be found with today’s scientific tools. People are unable to comprehend the devastating effect of foreign chemicals in their bodies and how they will affect their bodies.

However, we can be certain that daily use of chemicals that we believe to be beneficial will have a harmful effect on the environment and the human body in the long run. We just cannot recognize all the harmful effects at this time.

Medicine: 30 Percent Poison

There is a Chinese saying that medicine is 30 percent poison. It is obvious that certain chemical combinations in medicines are known to medical science to have a negative long-term effect on the body.

Humans also eat food, meat, and eggs that contain large quantities of residue from fertilizers, farm chemicals, and hormones. Aren’t they harmful to the body?

It is very difficult for nature to accept, break down, and absorb artificially produced products. These things start to pile up in nature and continuously harm not only the human body, but also everything in the environment.

Many illnesses have been found to be the result of such pollution. For example, several decades ago, a strange disease was discovered in Japan. Finally, the source of the disease was found to be fish from a polluted river.

In ancient medicine, this kind of situation is classified as a poisonous invasion.

—Pure Insight