Microsoft “B-Day” – Will Developers “Build” Apps Galore?

October 30, 2012 Updated: August 14, 2015

In an obvious move to compete in the app space, Microsoft has opened their Windows Store. The big question for most experts is however, “will the developers rush in?” Starting today the company’s Redmond Build Conference kicks off. MS execs eagerly await fate, fame & fortune, or failure.

Microsoft's Build Conference

“Luring developers to create value for Microsoft products”, somehow that sounds mercenary, doesn’t it? Regardless, that’s the name of the game, just like Apple and Google/Android have shown. Now, built right smack dab in the middle of their new Windows 8, MS has plopped down a veritable Amazon (potentially) for everything from software to the literally indescribable Microsoft Surface whatchamacallit. The key to many of these software and hardware investments by Bill Gates’ company is a little thing called an “app”. Applications being what makes the mobile world of computing go round these days. 

A lot is being made of Microsoft’s Windows 8 moves, this latest store, and their entry into various hardware spaces basically, and it sure seems clear now “Build” is a critical moment for them. The services, games, fun, and frolic, entertainment, and business of everybody’s tech products all tie to applications though. So for Microsoft, nothing could be more important than how their store, their Build event, and even how their pad/pc/smart thingy Surface is accepted. This is particularly true, for as ReadWriteWeb author Fredric Paul puts it,

“…if the Surface is going to live or die purely as an iPad competitor, it’s facing an uphill climb. It’s not cheaper, and its apps deficit is crippling.”

To conclude this news bit, Microsoft has to get developers in on the game or they will lose billions of dollars in the short to mid-term. As for long range, of course the company can weather a lot of mistakes. But then, they did not get to be the world’s biggest software maker making mistakes. The video below from Channel 9 begins to explain how developers can start filling up the Windows Store with cool apps. My prediction is, developers will flock to create apps as fast as for any platform. You see, apps are marketing tools in themselves. 

For those of you interested, you can watch the Build Conference live, not only channel Windows 8, but on 9 here