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Meet the Doctor Who Gave Hope to People for Early COVID Treatment

BY Dr. Ann Corson TIMEJune 2, 2022 PRINT

Hello, and welcome to the Epoch health podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Ann Corson.

Today we have with us someone who I think is really a remarkable person. I first learned of Dr. Stella Immanuel, when she stood on the steps of the Supreme Court building in the summer of 2020 and told us that no one had to be afraid anymore, and that we actually had a cure for COVID 19. I actually saw that video that same day—not live time, but that same day, I saw it, downloaded it. And I was amazed that it got 17 million views, you know, in the first few days, before Facebook succeeded in scrubbing it. I was so impressed by your impassioned talk at that time.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Thank you so much, Dr. Ann, for having me. I would say it’s Providence, or maybe it was God’s plan for my life. I’m from Cameroon, Central Africa. I went to medical school in Nigeria, West Africa, I did general medicine. And, in most countries, we are not hyper-specialized. All doctors go through general medicine first, and then sometimes later, they go specialize. So, I did general medicine. I came to this country in 1992. I got into residency. And I took the first residency I got. I got into pediatrics, got to love pediatrics, and I practice pediatrics. When I finished residency, I moved to Alexandria, Louisiana, and I was practicing pediatrics. I was also working in the emergency room to keep my general practice skills. And then kind of, you know, when it got busy in my practice, I just stayed with my practice. A few years ago, I went back to doing the emergency room and eventually closed my practice when my children got older. And I just went, did the emergency room, got me a good schedule where I could do whatever I want, you know. I did emergency room for a while. And then the Lord told me to move to Texas. I was in Louisiana, so, I moved to Houston. And I was going back and forth, working in the ER in Texas and in Louisiana, until I got my Texas license in September of 2019. And then I acquired a practice that was right next door to a bookstore we owned. This guy had passed away, God bless his soul. He was a Japanese doctor, so he had a lot of patients from China, Japan, and Asia. This is where we were in February 2020, when they started talking about the pandemic. I’m sitting here, a good 15 – 20% of my patients are from Asia, and I am terrified about this pandemic coming out of Asia. We had to learn how to take care of COVID. Initially, we got all the PPE, we got the masks, we got everything. We got the PPE suits. We were wearing masks and shields, and we looked as if we’re going to outer space.

A friend of mine, who is a pharmacist, came and told me that they were using hydroxychloroquine in Asia, in China, and in Italy. Being that I trained in West Africa, I was used to the quinones—we took mefloquine, we took camoquin, levaquin. Growing up we took it as Sunday medicine for malaria. And while I’ve been practicing in America, I’ve been putting people on, you know, hydroxychloroquine, mefloquine, or whatever, for traveling abroad. So, this was something that was right up my alley. I was used to this medicine. I took it growing up, treated patients with it. We gave it to pregnant women, we gave it to babies, we gave it to everyone, you know. I mean, chloroquine used to itch, but chloroquine had very little side effect, apart from itching. So, I was very happy. I jumped on board, and I started using it. Initially, I just used the malaria dose. And I found out that it worked wonders on a patient that came in with COVID. Within the first one or two days, they got well almost immediately. It was almost miraculous. I was so impressed with the results I was getting. I went online. I was part of this big medical doctor group. I went online, and I was excited. I told them, “Wow, listen, hydroxychloroquine is working and, you know, people are getting well.” At that time President Trump had got it, but it wasn’t much. By then, President Trump had just come out to say that hydroxychloroquine worked. Of course, the Left and everybody collectively lost their minds.

Doctors stopped being doctors and were just taking evidence from other doctors. Because usually that’s what we do. We talk among each other: “What do you think is working? What are you using?” And if something is working, we usually copy it. We don’t sit down and like, “oh no, it doesn’t work.” It was very surprising that doctors were threatening me, some were threatening to report me to the boards. It became really wild, you know. I got kicked out of many of these doctor groups. I got attacked. I got vilified. It was crazy. That is how we started meeting with, like Dr. Richard Urso, all of us that were just coming out to take care of patients.

Dr. Ann Corson: How did you get to connect with these other doctors? Like how did you get to connect with Dr. Richard Urso?

I looked for them online. I met Dr. Urso. Also, I saw him on Twitter. So, I looked for his office and I called him. I said, “Hey, Richard, I see that you’re seeing patients.” He was so excited to hear from me. We were just like, holding on to each other—like, “oh my God, finally, there’s somebody else that’s doing this,” you know. So, we started just connecting like that and talking to each other. And that is how we got to meet Dr. Simone Gold, who had done a program in Washington, D.C.—two summits. That was the second summit that we were going to D.C. for. So, they invited me and of course, this was already in July. But prior to July, around May, COVID hit Houston. It hit Texas. It was crazy. People were lining up in front of my clinic as if it was Black Friday. We were taking care of patients—like I had seen over 300 – 400 patients, about 300 something patients. And to me, it didn’t make any sense that people were getting well, and they were allowing people to die. Each time I heard about people dropping dead in New York and all over the country, it just broke my heart. And by May, I realized this was not just a medical battle. This was a propaganda battle. Something sinister was going on.

Dr. Ann Corson: When I heard you talking about hydroxychloroquine, in my practice, I’ve used it for years. We call it Plaquenil, as the brand name here, because it works very well in Lyme patients, because it helps with Babesia. Babesia is a temperate form of malaria. It’s a similar organism to malaria that is transmitted by the bite of ticks in this hemisphere and/or in this latitude. And so, we also use it in autoimmune diseases. So, I was very comfortable using hydroxychloroquine. Because it helps with Lyme disease, it helps with Babesia, and helps with viruses. So, it made perfect sense to me. And initially, in that first wave, I didn’t have as many patients getting sick because of the way I treat my patients—in a really integrative way. They mostly had their vitamin D optimized. They had their trace minerals optimized. Most of them were on zinc. So, a lot of them, you know, got by it without any problem in that first wave.

So, you started to treat, and you started to treat a lot of people, and people started to come to you. How did you sort of deal with this, all of a sudden, this horrible censorship and criticism? You know, for me, I’ve been dealing with that in the integrative medicine world for 20 years, because doctors who treat Lyme disease are very ostracized, and you know, they think we’re quacks. But we’re the ones who are getting people well. So, I’m used to that kind of censoring and censorship, but I suspect that was a new thing for you. So how did you handle that?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: It was kind of new. But like I said, it took me a few weeks to realize that what was going on was not really science. It was propaganda. So, by May, I told my friends and doctors: I said, “Guys, we are in a spiritual battle.” Of course, there’s deep spiritual stuff behind it. And we’re in a propaganda battle. And I told them: I said, “You cannot keep coming into a street fight with a suit.” So, by May, I took off the suit. And I started kicking back and fighting back just as much. If I went on Facebook, or on Twitter, and somebody said something crazy, I hit back with everything that I had. I hit back with the physical, the medical, the spiritual. I just hit back. So, we started actually just attacking, attacking back, you know. If some, if one of my colleagues was attacked, they’d send us a message: “I’m being attacked over here.” We’d all go and fight back. It became like a war basically. It was crazy. And people were threatening to report me to the boards, and there was so much going on, so we just had to stand. And by July, we were, I was at that point of, “you know what, if I perish, I perish.” When I was leaving for D.C. that week, I called my family and I told them: I said, “You know, I’m going to D.C. I’m going to expose this; I’m not going to let the American people die. I’m not gonna’ let these demons kill us. I’m going to expose it. And If I perish, I perish. If I don’t come back alive, so be it! I’m not gonna’ sit back and let this happen.” So, I was at that point of “I don’t care if they kill me.” So that is where I was. And you know, whenever you get to that “if I perish, I perish,” you don’t perish. So, I was at that point where I could say anything. I was not afraid of anybody or anything. Because I was at that point, you know. When you get to that point, where you’re ready to lose everything, you’re ready to say anything, and you’re ready to fight the battle properly. So that is where I was.

Most of the other doctors were still being nice “Mr. Doctor,” but I went off. I just went off. But God, in his infinite mercy, just used my voice that day to bring hope to the world. Before then, the whole world was terrified. Everybody was terrified. The whole world was caged. And that day, my voice rang out, and He brought hope. It was like a watershed moment. People had been locked up in their homes for three months. Nobody was coming out of the house. The two-week lockdown had become almost a four-months lockdown. Everybody was terrified. And God, in His infinite mercy, just wanted to give humanity a respite. So, when I spoke that, something went off in the spirit. Oh, and of course, the devil decided to attack me. They came against me and ah, it was wild. But like I said, I was trained for this. If you read my book, “Let America Live,” you’ll realize I was trained for this. This my destiny. God had trained me for years and years and prepared me for just this time, you know. I was called and trained for such a time as this, just like Esther in the Bible. So, when they came after me, they attacked me. They vilified me. They called me names. They, oh my God, the more they attacked me, the more people talked about me—some vilified me—the more people wanted to go see who this lady was. And it was crazy. You know, nothing had ever gone viral. And only God could have made it viral.

So, it was wild after that. I came home, and the clinic was wild. People were lined up in the clinic. Some were cussing me out, some were throwing flowers, some wanted my autograph. It was the craziest thing ever! You know, people wanted interviews: the ones that wanted to interview me to twist my words and make me look crazy. The others called me “from Trump’s demon sperm.” They associated me with President Trump, and all the rats against President Trump ate me. I’ve never met President Trump. In fact, when he retweeted me, he said, “I don’t know the lady,” and it’s true. I’ve never met President Trump. Oh my God, it made some say that I was being bribed by President Trump to say that, and oh, it was wild. But like I said, I was trained for this. We are warriors, spiritual warriors, and trained for this. So, it didn’t faze me that much. I came back home. We started a telehealth service. And then we made sure that we’re here, practically, to take care of the American people. We’ve seen over 120,000 patients over this two-year period. And my team also put together different supplements. We created, like, the COVID supplements. It had vitamin C, D, zinc and more, because we realized that a lot of people were getting sick because they didn’t have enough supplements.

I’m telling you, Dr. Ann, I was one of those doctors. I would have laughed at you in the past. But my mindset has shifted. You know something: I’m an MD that for years just treated disease. And we didn’t think about wellness. And most of us doctors are like that. To make things worse, a lot of us were so naïve. We need to do a postmortem, every single one of us. As I sat in my clinic, Big Pharma would come and give me studies that they did for their medication, and I would take their studies and their results, and I would believe it without questioning it. And I would start prescribing these medications when—I mean, we just did not check—we just did not think how evil Big Pharma was. We did not even think that these people were trying to sell something, but they were trying to tell us what results they got. I tell people right now, “For years, I gave vaccines to children without questioning. Right now, I will not recommend any vaccine until we have independent studies.” I’m not casting away all vaccines. I grew up in tropical West Africa. I saw children die of tetanus and of measles. So, I know that vaccines are effective, but right now, what? Ten, 15, 20 vaccines? I mean, it’s for a little baby! That’s a little too much for me now. And I think that we as doctors need to take a postmortem, or we need to start looking at everything that Big Pharma tells us and have independent studies that show us that these things are safe and effective. Look at how they caged us with the COVID shot and told us it was safe and effective, and how much it’s destroying lives, you know. So, I’m saying, we’ve got to do that postmortem. And I’ve woken up, I’ve woken up, not just to “the devil is bad, and we need Jesus.” I’ve woken up to “the medical system is corrupted.” And we as doctors have to take responsibility. And that is one of the greatest shifts I’ve had in my mind in the past two years.

That is why right now we’re developing a lot of supplements, we’re developing a lot of things, you know. Imagine! Right now we’ve put together what we call CoviLyte (learn more at https://drstellamd.com) that has a lot of supplements in it for people that have had COVID, and they have COVID long symptoms, or have vaccine injury. I mean, now we can have elderberries and ginkgo biloba, and stuff like that in the supplements. We’re thinking now on wellness, you know, and thinking on preparedness, because a lot of us were not prepared. And right now, they’ve given us a little respite again, I think we should be prepared because it is not over. They just want to win elections. After elections, this thing is going to be on and popping up again. And people are just sitting there like: “Oh, great, finally we can go out and go to the mall and go and do a barbecue.” We are lying to ourselves. Right now, with the war that’s going on, you’ve got to have iodine in your house. We’re preparing iodine where people can order. The last time I tried to order iodine, potassium iodine, I couldn’t find it, I had to go through two or three manufacturers to get one that will produce potassium iodine for us. It’s insane. We have to be prepared. People have to make sure—if you’re on insulin, if you’re on high blood pressure medication—make sure you have enough. Make sure you have food or water, everything. We have to be prepared.

Dr. Ann Corson: What I think has really been most interesting to me over this process of the last two, a couple, years now: I mean, two years and a few months. You know, as I said, I had my awakening years ago. And you know, really, although I was classically trained as an MD, I really came to learn a lot of naturopathic medicine and nutraceutical medicine and using all kinds of wonderful tools and herbal tools and homeopathic tools to help my patients. But what I think has happened so well is that there are so many doctors like you that have had this awakening. And I think that this is a very special time for people to introspect, like you said, and start to really look at themselves and what they’ve been doing in the practice of medicine. Unfortunately, I’ve also found that there are doctors that are still very blinded to the official paradigm, the official dogma, that is being propagandized out. And that’s concerning, especially the way that the hospitalists are treating COVID patients. They’re not listening to those of us that have treated outpatients successfully and kept people out of hospitals.

Is there any other thing that you can think of that would help the medical establishment, especially the hospitals, try to regain some of the trust that they’ve lost of the American people?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: We need to look at this thing a little deeper. The hospitals, or the echelon of it, are not people that are good people. These are like demons, demon-possessed people, or something. I’m not talking about the regular doctors that are just trying to make a living or the nurses that are taking orders that are being given to them. I’m talking about people that run the death camps—our hospitals have become death camps—that put together all the protocols and decide what medications are on the formulary or not. There are doctors that have wanted to give people Ivermectin in the hospitals, and it was refused. And there are doctors that are scared to lose their jobs. One of the things that we’re putting together right now is a paramedical system we created. I’m a very practical person, Doc. So, when I get a paradigm shift, I shift practically. One of the things we did, we started the telehealth system. I was very, very fortunate to have had the foresight to build our own telehealth system from scratch. I didn’t use any person’s platform—like as not, in that craziness, they’d de-platform us. So, we built our own telehealth system from scratch, which is a thing that nobody can take down. We started initially without medications to pharmacists. Pharmacists will stop filling them. And they will not fill them. They will not tell the patients, and they will have a whole bunch of things going on with patients not getting their medicine. So, we called, and we established a lot of mom-and-pop pharmacies. We built a pharmacy portal that they can just go on our website. When we see patients, we drop it in the pharmacy portal for mom or pop pharmacists that are licensed in all 50 states. They’ll be able to just pick up the scripts and fill them. We have doctors licensed in all 50 states that will be able to see our patients. So, we actually started creating a parallel system. We’re expanding that to be able to give doctors—I want to come out of the medical industrial complex—give them the ability to help them start their own cash-based practices. Our practices are cash-based, thank God. We have no insurance because they cannot catch us through insurance. So, doctors have to come out of the system. Either you’re in the system or you’re out of the system. We have to come out of the system and create parallel health care systems. We have doctors that are able to—that need to—start running doctor hospitals that are owned and operated by doctors; and the CEOs are doctors, and patriots, and are not willing to let our people just die like that.

Dr. Ann Corson: I’ve heard Dr. Simone Gold talk about starting hospitals. Hasn’t she talked about that?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: I think she is willing to give us something. There are many people working on that. There are some things that we’ve done— I also think it’s the greatest thing that people could do—is to create urgent care centers nationwide. But most importantly, was starting a telehealth care system that lets you see patients around the nation. And we have a network with a company that can bring oxygen to people’s houses nationwide. That is so important! A lot of people went to the hospital with this pandemic because of low oxygen. We have actually what we call the respiratory care kit. Every person needs to get a respiratory care kit—which has a nebulizer, a pulse oximeter, and incentive spirometer—so that you can have it in your house. There were times where I will call in prescriptions and people will not be able to get the nebulizers because the pharmacies will not give them, they do not have them, they have not stocked up. There was a high demand. Get it in your house now. My thing is “get prepared,” you know, if you can get prepared. For example, iodine, get iodine! If there is a nuclear threat, or nuclear war—right now with the threat that is with Russia—have iodine that you can take in your house. Make sure. We need to start decentralizing the hospital thing. And many people go to hospitals that don’t even need to go to the hospital. A lot of people go to the hospital with COVID because their oxygen got low. And if you have the pulse oximeter, you can monitor your oxygen at home. Your doctor can know about it; we can know about it if we’re taking care of you. We can send people into your home to give you oxygen in the house and give you IV fluids in the house and monitor you at home until you get better. That is what we need to do. And then make sure that we have surgical centers by doctors themselves that are going to take care of our patients. If these centers—if we have two or three centers—cannot take care of the patients, you need to fly them in. We need to create that. We need to just go create parallel systems, you know.

Dr. Ann Corson: I really liked that idea of parallel systems.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Yeah, right now, like I said, we’re putting together a lot of things. One of the things that we’ve done—we have our supplements, we have the COVID vitamins. We have the CoviLyte, and we have iodine. We have supplements for hair loss because a lot of people with COVID have a lot of hair loss, and a whole bunch of stuff. So, one thing we want to do is put our patients on an auto ship preferred client system. And those are the patients that we will take care of. In the thick of the Delta [variant], we had seen 700 to 800 to 1,000 patients a day. We could not cope. So right now, my thing is that everybody gets hooked up. Whatever the main goal is, wouldn’t you get to work putting together—getting hooked up with—this system that we are putting up together. So that way you have that, okay? We have 10,000 patients that are our patients, that if something happens in there, pull up my book right now. We know that we have 10,000 patients to take care of. It’s easier than to have 1,000 patients showing up each day and they don’t know what to do. So, the American people themselves have to take responsibility. If they’re going to be hooked up to you, they need to be hooked up to our system. They need to do it now, when things are good, when things are not like crazy, because when things get crazy, it is difficult to sort out who is who. We have been through times when we could not sleep, we were working around the clock. At any time too, we had 2,000 patients waiting to be seen. We had this stomping around to get doctors from all over. It was crazy. So that is why we’re establishing these systems right now—if you join.

Dr. Ann Corson: Yeah, it’s good that you have this network in place now, which is going to be very helpful. I just want to explain to the listeners what the iodine is for. In case of nuclear fallout—just like there was worry on the West Coast after the Japanese nuclear power plant accident—iodine protects your thyroid. The thyroid gland sits in your neck here. And the radiation will really damage it unless you have iodine, which is a protective thing for the thyroid. So that’s why Dr. Immanuel was talking about iodine. But now I’d like you to tell us a little bit about your book, “Let America Live,” because I’ve heard you describe that, you know, we’re really in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. And I know that that can be purchased on your website. Your website, I understand, is DrStellamd.com. So, you’ve talked about how you know people really need to invoke the power of God to fight the power of the devil, and that the bad people, or the bad guys, you said, are sort of running on devil power. And the good guys have to invoke the help of the Divine now, because human beings alone can’t win this battle. We need God’s help.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Yes. My book. My book actually gives you the journey that I took, because the Lord has prepared me for this journey. From 2011 when God showed me—even way back in 2005—that there was a manipulation, and like they were manipulating the minds of people, or the globalists working with the devil, you know. And you can listen to what they’re saying—Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and all of them, and Yuval Noah—these people. They’re not hiding it anymore. They’re out in the open. They plan to take away our free will. They plan to stop us and turn us into human 2.0. They want to corrupt us, and they want to do it through the vaccine. Yuval Noah said that COVID is the best time, the best time that surveillance went under the skin. People think it’s just surveillance. It’s not. If you read in Revelation 13, it talks about the mark of the beast, the name of the beast, the number of the beast. The devil wants to mark you; he wants to take your humanity and turn you into a cyborg or something. And they’re doing that by injecting these vaccines, or these jabs, that have graphene oxide, that have luciferase, that have nanoparticles that they can use to monitor you. But not just that. It changes you spiritually, so that you will no longer heal. You’re corrupted and they can reach you, they can connect you to the internet of things. So, I tell people that have been vaccinated: “You have been corrupted, repent, repent, there’s still time.” This is not the mark of the beast yet. If you read in Revelation 13, from verses 14 to 17, it talks about the mark of the beast, the name of the beast, and the number of the beast. I do believe the mark has not been given yet. But the name and the number of the beast is being injected into people. The Moderna CEO tried to hack the software of life. So, we know this Moderna vaccine is created with luciferase, which is like “Lucifer-race,” you know? So, I’m telling everybody, “This is a spiritual battle.” We need to wake up to not just this globalist app, but we need to wake up to “we need Jesus, we need God.” We need Him to intervene on our behalf. If you read my book, it explains it deeply. I advise everybody to get a copy. Not just that, it has prayers in the back, to pray for the nation, to pray for yourself, because right now, Yuval Noah is saying that they’re going to take our free will. They’re going to corrupt all of us. They’re going to teach you things that you will learn without knowing. So, we have prayers that you’re going to pray to cleanse yourself, to purge yourself of all this stuff that is being injected inside of you. And so, it’s good that we also have the spiritual power to deal with this physical power and the spiritual nature. Yes, the devil is working with these people. We know that because they are getting away with it. Just human beings cannot get away with this level of evil. And if you listen to them, they want to depopulate us, they want to kill us. They think that we’re useless feeders. Earth was created for humanity, not for demons, not for Nephilim. They say they want to create an inorganic life that is practically the Nephilim of Genesis 6. Earth was not created for inorganic human beings. They want to create human beings—they want to create AI’s [artificial intelligence] that look like you and I—and there are a lot of them around already. They account for some of the craziness that happened during this pandemic, for some of the doctors and pharmacies that will not take care of patients and nurses. Some of them are just those AI’s that have already been created. And we need to wake up to that and know that only Jesus can fight the devil. So, if you go on our website on drstellamd.com right in front, there’s a prayer there if you’ve been vaccinated: how to repent, how to get your genetic material re-cleansed and regenerated by the Lord Jesus. So, you can take it, you can take care of the spiritual battle. And then you can also prepare yourself physically, by like I said, getting all your medications that you need. If you’re on insulin, stock up. If you’re on high blood pressure medication, stock up. Go to your doctors, go to a random urgent care, and pay them so that you can get more of your medications. Just make sure that you have enough medicine. Stock up food and water. Make sure you have a charcoal grill in the house or something. What if they take down the grid? So, we have to be ready. Ready spiritually. Ready physically. Ready, ready mentally. And make sure you have food, water. Get some solar lights, get something. Just make sure you’re ready: toothpaste, toothbrush, and everything that you can use. Learn to create a place where you can survive without electricity. How can you cook your food? Do you have like, you know, something? We need to be ready; we cannot just sit down again and be caught off guard again. We need to be ready.

Dr. Ann Corson: I think it’s very, very important that people understand that we need to reconnect with God. We need to invoke God’s help, because only God can help us in this situation, as you said. The forces of evil have been so powerful, like you said, that human beings couldn’t have created that much evil. They couldn’t have conceived of that much evil. And so, people really need to understand that they have to ask for God’s help, like you said. And they need to open themselves to that before it’s too late, before they’ve run out of the chance. And they have to understand that, you know, human beings were created in the image of God, and that they need to honor that. And they need to honor the divine within themselves. And that’s one of the most important things, I think, that we’re going to help people through this. I have discovered that a lot of the people that have not been taken up, and not become part of, the mass formation that Mattias Desmet [Belgian professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University] talks about, you know. So hypnotized by the propaganda are often people of faith, and that their faith is really, you know, giving them that perspective: to be able to break through the propaganda and to see what’s really going on. So, I think that’s wonderful that you have those prayers available on your website to help people in this journey because it’s not just a medical journey. It’s a spiritual journey as well.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: And most times, like I tell people, Christians and otherwise: “If you don’t—!” Yuval Noah said something, that those that believe in free will, those are the ones that are easy for you to manipulate because when you manipulate them, they think it’s their free will. What it’s actually saying is that if you are willful and self-willed and self-driven, and you feel that you don’t need God, that it’s just going to be you, it’s going to be easy for you to be captured. You got to realize the frailty of your humanity and realize that as human beings, we are going to be influenced by the devil or by God. We cannot just stand on our own. Human beings have authority over this world. But spiritual power is going to influence you one way or another. So, you have to choose between darkness and light. You cannot be independent or stand on the defense. Stand on defense, and you’re gonna’ get programmed. So, I tell people: “Don’t be willful, submit your life, commit your life to Jesus.” Because when you submit your life to Jesus, He takes care of you. Read the Bible, read Revelation 6. You’ll see. Read Revelation 13, 14, you will see these things. So now you know what’s coming. Read Matthew 24. Read Daniel chapter 2 and read Genesis 6, so that you see these things and a lot of the stuff that we’re dealing with right now has already been written. This was like, if you read the Bible, this is yesterday’s news.

Dr. Ann Corson: Do you have an active congregation that you preach to?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Yes.

Dr. Ann Corson: How long have you been a pastor?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: I’ve been preaching for over 20 years.

Dr. Ann Corson: That’s wonderful. You have your own congregation, or is this an internet thing?

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Yeah, we have, we have a ranch, actually. We call it Bethel Ranch. People come here from all over the country to get deliverance and prayer and get refreshed, get revived. We thought we just had a program. If they go on our website and click on Bethel Ranch, you’ll see the program too. You can come. People come here from all over because they come together to pray and get deliverance and get refreshed. Because the battle is fierce, especially for leaders. Sometimes this is a spiritual battle. You find out that, as you’re fighting and standing up and speaking, people get attacked spiritually, people get oppressed, people get depressed. And that is what we do. They come here to get a spiritual revival, to get refreshed, and they go back into the battle. So that’s what we do. Every Sunday. Yeah, on our ranch here, at Bethel Ranch [Pattison, Texas]. You can see on our website. But if you go there to see the programs, we have it monthly, and people can come here and get totally revived and cleansed out. And when I’ve traveled all over the country, that’s what I do. I try to pray for people and make sure that they get revived and get cleaned out. And people come to me that have been jabbed all the time, and we pray for them. And man, we’ve seen miracles. So, some people that were paralyzed, get the paralysis released immediately. We’ve seen people, most importantly, something changes in their soul. We see them get into tremors. They feel things running up and down where they received the vaccine and stuff like that. And we revive grace and we’re doing the best that we can. And we hope that people will wake up and just fight. Pray for your family. Pray Psalm 91 over your home and your family all the time. Make sure that you’re not caught unawares.

Dr. Ann Corson: Well, wonderful. Thank you so very much. This has been a very enlightening talk. And I’m so very glad to have at last met you virtually after having heard you speak, you know, so many months ago, and I was so very impressed. And I’m very honored that you joined us today on the Epoch health podcasts. Thank you so much, Dr. Immanuel.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: God bless you!

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Dr. Corson obtained her MD degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA in 1982 and is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. Her solo practice in Philadelphia, PA is devoted full time to the treatment of patients suffering from all forms of chronic disease. In 2008, Dr. Corson joined Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) to help raise awareness of China’s live forced organ harvesting of innocent prisoners of conscience, primarily Falun Gong practitioners. Since 2016, she has been editor-in-chief of DAFOH’s newsletter.
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