Loving Lemons – 10 Benefits and Tips

By Rachel Kahn
Rachel Kahn
Rachel Kahn
August 8, 2014 Updated: May 25, 2016

By Rachel Kahn, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Lemons are incredible little yellow beings of love. While they may seem quite sour and acidic, each one is anything but a crabby little sourpuss. The acidic taste in lemons is actually alkaline.

They can help reduce anxiety, diminish stress levels, and boost those feel good emotions.

What is alkaline, you ask? Alkaline and acid are the measurements of pH in your body. Optimally, your alkaline and acid ratios are balanced. Unfortunately, most standard diets are causing our internal systems to be too acidic, causing significant ill health and a terrain of disease. Don’t worry. There is good news! Many foods are alkaline and they can assist your body in maintaining the right levels. And guess what? Lemons are one such food. In addition to helping us achieve balance, lemons have many other great benefits.

Lemons are excellent liver detoxifiers (YelenaYemchuk/iStock)
Lemons are excellent liver detoxifiers (YelenaYemchuk/iStock)

1.Lemons are anti-bacterial and can protect against many types of infections. Think of these sunshine beings as a natural antibiotic.

2. Lemons are anti-viral. Starting to feel the flu invading your inner peace? Drink a glass of lemon water every two hours to help deter the virus and stimulate your immune system.

3. Lemons can assist in dissolving gallstones. Anybody who has ever felt the pain of a displeased gallbladder will adore this tidbit. Lemons help dissolve the calcification in your gallbladder and flush it from your system.

4. These yellow lovers also help improve mental clarity. They act as natural energy boosters and may even assist in improving focus. Do you have a big meeting or a challenging exam? Sometimes just the wonderful citrus smell of a lemon may elevate your concentration.

5. Lemons assist in detoxifying your liver. Think of your liver as a filtration system for your body. Because lemons are a natural cleanser and anti-oxidant they support the wonderful housekeeping job your liver does everyday.

6. They can even make you feel happy! Yep, that is right. Lemons are a natural mood enhancer. They can help reduce anxiety, diminish stress levels, and boost those feel good emotions.


Lemon water is a lovely choice. Yet, why stop there? Let the creativity begin!

7. How about adding lemon to balsamic and olive oil for a great dressing?

8. Thirsty? Add lemon juice, orange zest, and honey to a glass of warm water for a healthy and fulfilling drink. Take it to the next level with sparkling water and apple juice. Oh, so fancy.

9. Lemons can be squeezed over your favorite protein. For an added kick, combine lemon juice with coconut oil and garlic for a great marinade.

10. Love your greens? Of course you do! Add lemon to kale with a minced shallot and feel fabulous.

Enjoy! Healthy is fabulous.

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Rachel Kahn
Rachel Kahn