Kindhearted Operator Delivers Food to 81-Year-Old Vet Who Called 911 for Help

By TakePart Staff
TakePart Staff
TakePart Staff
May 16, 2015 Updated: August 21, 2015

An old jar of pickle relish and a small glass container. That’s what 81-year-old veteran Clarence Blackmon found in his refrigerator on Tuesday when he returned to his Fayetteville, North Carolina, home after several months in the hospital. With no relatives around to help and no way to get to the grocery store, Blackmon, who has been going through treatment for prostate cancer, took drastic action: He called 911 and asked for help.

The dispatcher, Marilyn Hinson, wrote down the things Blackmon told her he’d like to eat.

Hinson’s supervisor gave her permission to head to the grocery store to buy the requested items. 

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