Keep Workouts Interesting

May 4, 2010 Updated: May 16, 2010

“Exercise is so boring!” Sound familiar? Haven’t we all faced the transition from the ultimate thrill as we start off a new workout regime to utter boredom as the days pass by? Well, not to worry! This happens to even the most dedicated exerciser on some occasion.

Boredom can become the biggest motivation dampener if we’re one of those who cover the same old path or the same old treadmill day after day.
So how do we beat the boredom blues and get ourselves back on track to being as fit as ever? Here are some tips that could help you gear yourself for total fitness!

Music definitely tops the list. Research has shown that music puts our mind in a gentle state of euphoria due to its steady beat. So get all those ipods and walkmans and listen to your favorite tunes. You may find yourself enjoying the experience of stomping your way through your workout.

Heart Rate Monitors
Heart rate monitors are favorites among people who like a challenging workout. The excitement of seeing the fluctuations in heart rate prompts exercisers to push harder and hence enhance performance.

A pedometer can inspire one to walk or run more as they monitor how quickly the miles add up. A workout log is another way to inspire one to keep at it. Perhaps give yourself a small treat if you meet your activity goals for that day.

A Workout Buddy
I have found that by having a walking pal, I am guaranteed to keep going. The commitment helps push me to get out of the house and the conversations we have during the workout makes the walk so much more fun.

As you walk, focus on repetition and self-affirmations. Talk about things you want to improve in life, or keep saying to yourself everyday in everyway you’re just getting better and fitter, or simply just focus on your footfalls. This is really helpful as relaxation significantly reduces symptoms of physical stress, including high blood pressure. So keep that smile on as you work out and spread cheer.

TV could also turn into your best buddy. As you shed those pounds watch your favorite soap or catch up with a friend as your burn those calories.

Another fun activity to beat the boredom could be to learn a foreign language by listening to language tapes as you walk, or listen to books on tape. This will exercise your mind as well as your body—by far, the best way to use your time!

Change Direction
Walk backward or sideways for a while. This not only provides cross training benefits, it also provides a simple solution to breaking monotony.

Be a sport, traverse new paths, discover new routes on your way, get yourself out, be open to the world and make new workout buddies, mingle with those around you, and pick up a few valuable tips from them as you continue your daily routine.

Work out a way to keep boredom at bay, beat the workout blues and chase those fitness goals.