Infograhic Outlines the Percentages in Pairing People on Chatroulette

December 22, 2013 Updated: April 24, 2016

Chatroulette is one of many online chat sites, but this one features some unique twists. Chatroulette utilizes webcams as a form of communication. Members press a button and get matched randomly to another Chatroulette member. According to the Chatroulette infographic members have the opportunity to ‘spin’ again to get a different chat partner.

There are quite a few members that have refrained from showing themselves online. In fact, members are more likely to view a webcam showing no person at all than actually seeing a live person. There are about 11 percent of webcams show no user on any given spin, while only 9 percent show a female. Additionally, 8 percent of all spins show multiple people using one webcam. Every one in three females and every one in 12 males are participating in these “group chats.”

Half of all Chatroulette spins will connect to an user located in the United States. France holds the second place slot, with members averaging15 percent. Italy has a 98 percent concentration of solo male users and the highest concentration of male users over age forty (13 percent). Compare this to the U.S. where only 4 percent of users belong to this category. The U.S. does hold the highest concentration of group chatters at 13 percent, followed by 9 percent in the Netherlands.

Around 70 percent of all Chatroulette users identified themselves as young adults, with 20 percent of users being under the age of 20. Only 10 percent have been identified as age 40 or older. Female users were generally younger than the male users, with 23 percent of female users identifying as under the age of 20 and only 3 percent as over 40. Comparatively, only 18 percent of male users were under 20, but 8 percent identified as 40 or older.