Indian Point Nuclear Facility Springs Oil Leak

September 30, 2016 Updated: October 4, 2016

On Sept. 30, the state was notified that an unknown quantity of petroleum had leaked from the Indian Point Nuclear Facility in Buchanan, New York on the bank of the Hudson River.

Touring the facility shortly after the leak occurred, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said one of the cooling heat exchangers malfunctioned and was leaking the petroleum into the discharge canal of the plant.

The concerns were twofold: that the cooling agent was broken and that the discharge canal, where the petroleum went, flows into the Hudson River. He said so far the petroleum was contained in the plant and did not get into the river.

“Any real problem at Indian Point is one problem too many,” Cuomo said in a recording of his remarks. “When it comes to Indian Point, we don’t have a second chance if it’s the wrong problem.”

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officers were on site and Cuomo said they  would be back over the weekend to oversee the remediation process.

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