How to Succeed at Weight Loss

By Tysan Lerner
Tysan Lerner
Tysan Lerner
May 7, 2013 Updated: May 25, 2013

Getting started or, for many, restarted on your weight loss journey can be incredibly daunting. Fears of failure, sacrifice, or simply not knowing where to start can stop you from succeeding. Perhaps you’ve read all the diet books, signed up for programs such as Weight Watchers, or tried the latest juice-cleansing fads only to feel fed up and irritated by your inability to get into the kind of shape you want. 

Or perhaps you’ve become really good at losing weight and really bad at keeping it off. 
I know I certainly struggled with all of these issues. I didn’t reach my goal weight until I discovered a breakthrough formula. Not only did it help me lose 40 pounds, I currently have a 99 percent success rate with my clients who want to lose weight. No joke! 

Before you start losing weight, you must set the stage for success. Without setting yourself up for a win, it will be very difficult to attain what you want. To reach your goal, the pros of achieving that goal must outweigh the cons. So get clear on why this is deeply important to you and follow through to the end. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is very difficult to follow through if your life is not set up for it. Clear the unneeded clutter, and set the stage for success!

Step 1: Get Clear on the Why

A lot of people claim they want to lose weight and yet continually put off changing their diets or starting an exercise routine that will deliver the results they want. 

Excuses, such as not having the time or energy to exercise or prepare healthy food, continually get in the way of successful weight loss. 

If you fall into this category, you must ask yourself: Do you really want to lose weight? And if it is indeed a priority, what is important about losing weight? Dig deep. If your reasoning does not truly motivate you to take empowered action, then figure out what will. 

For example, say you want to lose weight to increase your energy levels. To dig deeper, ask yourself, what is important about having more energy? Maybe it is important so that you will have the energy to actively engage with your kids, and that is important because you want to be a great parent. So in this example, the big motivating factor to lose weight is so that you will be a good parent. Following through is no longer about your own self-care, but about the care of the people you are responsible to.

Once you get clear on the real reasons behind your weight loss efforts, you may find yourself following through once and for all.

Step 2: Create Solid Anchors

During moments of weakness, it is easy to forget why you thought it was important to lose weight. This is when having anchors is a great tool for helping you remember to follow through. Create an anchor for each of your five senses and connect with these anchors daily. 

For example, if your big motivating factor to lose weight is so you can be more present for your children, then perhaps a photo of you playing ball with them would be an inspiring visual anchor. Or touching your hand to your heart to remind you to take good care of your health might be a good tactile anchor, if being healthy is your main motivation for losing weight. 

When you connect with these anchors, ask yourself, am I making the best choice for myself in this moment?

Step 3: Clear the Clutter

Take a good look at your home environment and schedule, and decide what needs to be cleared out. 

Material clutter is often a reflection of a cluttered mind and can also create clutter in the mind. Of course, clearing clutter doesn’t have to mean days of cleaning out all the rooms and closets in your home. This process is meant to prevent you from being overwhelmed and burned out.

One fun tip for clearing clutter is to set your timer for 15 minutes and find 27 things to give away, put away, or throw away, as suggested by Marla Cilley, author of “Sink Reflections.” Make three piles, one for each, and you will be amazed at how in no time your home will become clutter-free !

You also need to clear out anything in your way to success. For example, if you are addicted to eating ice cream, and want to give it up, then perhaps it is a good idea to give the ice cream stashed in your freezer to a neighbor or friend. 

Or if you plan on incorporating an exercise routine into your life, think about what it will look like: what equipment will you need to follow through, and what in your schedule needs to change so you have the time to commit to your new program. 

Once you’ve set your goals, become clear about why they’re important to you, create anchors to remind you to follow through, and clear out any clutter getting in your way to success, you will be ready to embark on your new weight loss journey with excitement, determination, and more clarity. 

Tysan Lerner is a certified health coach and personal trainer. She helps women attain their body and beauty goals without starving themselves or spending hours at the gym. Her website is