How to Pamper Puffy Eyes

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A string of late nights, a really sad movie, or an ongoing love drama—whatever the reason, all of us wake up some mornings with swollen eyes. Since nobody wants to walk around with puffy peepers, here are three natural ways to reduce unsightly swelling around the eyes and help you feel better about your appearance for the rest of the day.


Drink some green tea or black coffee, or any other caffeinated beverage, preferably without milk. A diuretic, caffeine helps reduce water retention by shrinking your blood vessels and helps to drain the fluids from your body that contribute to puffy eyes.

Green Tea Leaves

If you happen to have chosen to drink green tea, then you’re ready for this next step in your eye care. Loose tea leaves or bagged tea both work fine.

Collect the damp leaves, and find a quiet place to lie down. Place the tea over your swollen eyes and cover with a small towel dampened in warm water. Rest and relax for about five minutes.

When you’ve finished, remove the tea leaves, wipe your skin clean, and apply your favorite eye cream or moisturizer.

Like when you drink caffeine, the green tea leaves will help reduce swelling by restricting the dilation of blood vessels under your eyes.

Chinese Spoons

If you don’t own a Chinese spoon it might be a good idea to invest in one. They are inexpensive, and although a regular spoon can also work here, Chinese spoons have the ideal shape for the following de-puffing routine.

Take your spoon and put it into a small bowl with a few ice cubes, and allow to cool for about five minutes.

Then take the spoon out and place it over the eye socket curved side out, allowing the cool air to circulate in the hollow of the spoon around your eye. This has a powerful cooling effect that helps reduce puffiness.

Leave the spoon over your eye for one to two minutes. Repeat on the other eye, or to save time do both eyes together if you have two spoons available.

Spoon Massages 

Next, using the tip of the spoon, use slow strokes to massage along the brow bone starting in between the eyebrows and following the eyebrow line out to the temples.

Do this 20–50 times, and again to save time, you can do both brow bones at the same time if you wish.

Now do the same under your eyes. Using the tip of the spoon, gently scrape the spoon from the side of your nose to the corner of your eye, following the natural curvature of your delicate under-eye area.

This movement should be gentle so you don’t damage your skin but firm enough to move the fluid build-up out from under the eye. Do each eye 20 times.

Spoon Backs

Now turn the spoon over and place the back of the spoon over your eyes, and relax for about two minutes or until the spoon is no longer cool.

And there you have it, your once puffy eyes should now be brighter and feeling fresh and ready to face the world.

See this article in video by Asian Beaty Secrets: Additional reporting by Racheli Hibben.

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