How to Do More Pushups

BY Hampton Liu TIMEApril 26, 2022 PRINT

Hey everyone! This video is just to address a very common question I get:

“How do I do more pushups?”

Whether for personal reasons or to pass a fitness test, lots of people want to increase their pushup numbers!

Well, it depends on what level of fitness and strength you’re currently at. You can kind of see this based on the number of pushups you can currently do:

1.) 0-5: Work on PREPARING yourself for pushups. This can be done by doing easier variation of pushups, like kneeling pushups or incline pushups. Remember that just because you can do a pushup doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way for you to practice them. Take your time on the easier variations and you may improve faster!

2.) 5-25: Work on developing your pushup STRENGTH. This is probably the stage where pushups will help you the most. Practice these 1-2 a week for 2-3 sets. Be safe, but push yourself HARD. Leave yourself plenty of rest time as you’ll get stronger and more muscular during this stage. We grow when we rest, not when we train. So rest.

3.) 25-100+: During this stage, most would consider pushups to be an ENDURANCE exercise. Pushups won’t necessarily be doing as much for your strength and muscle. You’ll need more resistance for that. For more info on why this is, look up “Henneman’s Size Principle.” We need to work our larger muscle fibers with increasing resistance! If they don’t activate, they aren’t worked. You’ll notice that you’ll recover from your pushups a lot faster at this point. You can start training them 5-6 times a week for several sets. Proper breathing, technique, diet, and rest will have a large impact on your numbers.

Hope this can help!

Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.

Hampton Liu
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