How to Browse Netflix’s Hidden Categories

By Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
January 19, 2016 Updated: January 19, 2016

Netflix offers instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows, but you may have a hard time discovering some of them. Various reports have revealed that Netflix actually goes to great lengths to categorize content, and you can now access those minigenres as long as you know the proper way to do it.

Of course, since there are plenty of smart developers out there, there’s now an even easier way to access that content straight from your browser with the help of a simple Chrome of Mozilla extension.

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Called Super Browse, the plugin lets you browse the thousands of hidden Netflix categories without having to copy and paste the appropriate URL. Once you install the extension (on Chrome and Mozilla), you’ll just have to log into your Netflix account to make it work, Windows Clan reports.


You’ll notice a Super Browse menu appear (see screenshot above) that will let you browse the secret categories the web is buzzing about.

Keep in mind that some categories might not host any content due to existing licensing agreements or geolocation. Luckily, though, you should be able to discover plenty of unexpected Netflix content with the help of this simple tool – for example, here are some quirky Netflix categories you would not stumble upon by using the default Netflix user interface and search algorithms.

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Chris Smith