Early Posture Corrections Can Help Your Child Lead a Healthy Life

For children, it is best to give them a good start in life by focusing on their posture. Nowadays, kids have computer games, TV, handheld video game devices, etc., and it is actually worsening their posture. Children need to know the basis of posture, and the earlier in life it is corrected, the less health risks they will have later on in life.


Posture while carrying a backpack all starts with the matter of how heavy a child’s backpack is. Sometimes children are carrying more than they need in their backpacks, and parents need to check up on what they are bringing back and forth to school. Sometimes we can reduce the amount of items a child is carrying. Items such as unnecessary reading books, lunchboxes, toys, etc. could be reduced. In one study, it was found that children from kindergarten to fifth grade carried the greatest weight of 30 lbs. Children should carry less than 15% of their body weight, but it was found that the average weight they carried was 14% of their body weight. When children start to complain about back and shoulder pain, you know something needs to be fixed.

After you have checked to see if the child took out all the unnecessary items, you need to make sure that he is carrying the backpack correctly. Some children carry their backpacks with one shoulder daily, and oftentimes it is the same shoulder. This can lead to lower back pain, increased muscle spasms, and uneven shoulders.

It is also a good idea to buy a good backpack for your child to lower the risk of back pain. Try buying a backpack with thicker straps, so then the straps won’t dig into the shoulders. A rolling backpack is also a good idea so that the child won’t have to risk back pain, just make sure that it can fit into their school locker. The backpack shouldn’t droop below the waistline, preferably, it should hang two inches above the waistline.


While walking, make sure that the child doesn’t slouch. Increased slouching can make a huge habit that is very difficult to fix as a teen–much less as an adult. Looking straight out and broadening the shoulders will also fix walking posture for your child, rather than looking down and having rounded shoulders.

Video Games

Of course, it is ideal to not get children into video games, but  if your child absolutely must play video games, then there should be some rules to help them with posture. First of all, they should take 30 minute breaks. They should walk around, get some fresh air, or help mom out with the chores. However, breaks aren’t enough to keep the child from fixing their posture. While they are playing with the electronics, they need to sit up straight to play. If they don’t work on this, health risks such as obesity, heart problems, and back problems can come up.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Sometimes lifting heavy objects can be a health hazard. Although it’s not common for children to develop hernia, it is still possible. If the child has to lift a heavy object, even a heavy backpack, they should never lift it with their back. A good way to lift heavy objects is by using the knees. This way the back won’t get affected.

Ways to Involve a Child Into Posture-Promoting Activities

Whether the child is a girl or a boy, dance is one of the best ways to develop a good posture. In dance, proper posture is a must and the dance instructor will continually remind the student to fix it. In no time, he/she will have one of the greatest postures, and the level of good health will be increased.

If dance isn’t ideal for the child, then at least enrolling him/her in a physical activity, such as sports, should have a good effect on their posture.

*Image of Back Pain via Shutterstock