Horrific Carjacking Attack by Masked Men Captured on Video

By John Smithies
John Smithies
John Smithies
A journalist for The EpochTimes based in London. These views are firmly my own.
November 22, 2017 Updated: September 25, 2019

Masked men on mopeds have been captured on video using axes to shatter the window of a luxury car as it stopped at traffic lights.

The terrifying attack lasted for more than 30 seconds as the carjackers tried to bash and smash the windows of the vehicle.

A 51-year-old woman was driving the luxury Bentley car with her 16-year-old son in the passenger seat at the time of the attack. She said she was on the way to an event at his school.

The whole incident, which took place near Manchester in the north of England, was captured by the dash cam of another driver.

Eventually the woman refused to open her door and let the men in, swerving around them and driving off.

She said her son has been “left badly traumatised.”

The woman, who did not want to be named, described the attack to the Manchester Evening News:

“The first thing I heard was a loud bang on the car door and then the glass of my driver’s window shattering.

“At first I thought I had somehow been involved in an accident. Then they repeatedly banged on the window—luckily it is very thick so they had trouble putting it through.

“I instinctively put myself across my son to protect him, to make sure he was OK. But I was getting glass all over me and then they put a hole through the window and then started smashing the windscreen.

“The car in front of me moved to try and give me some room but the youths put one of their mopeds across to stop him.

“The lights were on red and traffic was stopped in the outside lane, so we were trapped.

“Eventually I saw the lights change and managed to somehow manoeuvre away. I just put my foot down.”

She added that she thought the attack had been opportunist as she wasn’t followed from home.

“I just think I was unlucky and happened to be in a nice car,” she said.

Now the woman is offering a £10,000 ($13,300) reward to catch her attackers.

Greater Manchester Police have released the dash cam footage of the attack, which took place on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Detective Sergeant Ian Partington said in a statement: “This was a disturbing and unprovoked attack on an innocent woman as she sat in her car at a junction.

“Fortunately she wasn’t injured but that doesn’t excuse the horrific actions of these men which could have had awful consequences.”

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John Smithies
A journalist for The EpochTimes based in London. These views are firmly my own.