Historic British ‘Wiltshire Church to Become Mosque and Bodies Dug Up’ is Fake

A viral post is claiming a UK church in Wiltshire will be transformed into a mosque is fake.

The post says, “This historic British church in Wiltshire is being turned into mosque and those who are buried there will be dug up and moved. Share if you disagree with this.”

According to Hoax-Slayer, the whole thing is a ruse.

“The false claims in the message are obviously intended to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment among recipients and promote the bigoted, fascistic agenda of ‘National British Resistance’. The organization’s website, complete with swastika derived logo, outlines its sickening manifesto, which includes executing illegal immigrants, locking up people with mental illnesses in ‘state owned asylums’, and isolating ‘sick and diseased’ people from the general public,” Hoax-Slayer says.

But the whole thing is to provoke others.

“But in fact, ‘National British Resistance’ is founded by the notorious Internet troll, Joshua Bonehill. Bonehill is also responsible for a hate-filled political blog called The Daily Bale, which publishes and promotes lies disguised as news articles,” it says.

The church in the picture also isn’t located in Wiltshire but in Carlisle.

But on social media sites, users apparently believed the hoax.