Godless University

January 24, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Dear Kathy,

     I am very concerned about my son. We are a family of strong Christians and I naturally assumed that when the time came for him to go to college, he would choose to attend a Christian university.

     Last night, our son told us that he was planning to attend a secular university. We are horrified that he is making such a self-destructive decision. How can we encourage him  to make the right choice? His entire future is at stake.



Dear Laura,

      I hear your pain. Before you react, find out why your son is choosing to attend a secular university. Perhaps the best academic curriculum in his field of study is at the school he has chosen.

     Once our children become adults, they make independent decisions which may not reflect our desires for their lives. The degree to which we respect and support their right to lead their own adult lives greatly influences the degree of future relational closeness.

     Take a deep breath. Ask your son open-ended questions about his choice without judging him. If you still feel he is making a terrible mistake, pray about it. I strongly advise you against attempting to argue him out of his decision.

All my best,