FIFA 15 Release Date, Rumors: ‘Realistic’ Shirt Pulling, Shoulder Barging, Luis Suarez Biting? (+Photo, Trailer)

FIFA 15 looks set to copy the more dubious aspects of the real world game. 

EA Sports released another game play trailer recently where they showed off the new control and defensive movements of their upcoming soccer simulator.

With in-game football players having better balance, close-control, and the ability to quickly stutter step and break into strides while running with the ball, gamers will have more varied and interesting ways to beat an opponent while in possession.

The in-game players will also mimic the movement of their real life counterparts more closely. According to the trailer, “Messi, who is predominantly a left-footed player, will visibly prefer that foot” while dribbling.

How players receive, pass, touch, and shoot the ball will also affect the ball’s trajectory, and hence have an effect on what the gamer is trying to accomplish. This feature isn’t exactly new, as it was already introduced in FIFA 14, but expect EA to have refined the game mechanic in FIFA 15.

Finally, the defensive aspect of the game appears to be “improved,” but may be not all for the better.

One positive feature is the ability for defenders to keep the ball closer to them in a slide tackle, which allows them a better chance to regain possession of the ball.

On the flip-side, EA has decided to include shoulder barging and shirt pulling into the game. While it undoubtedly adds to the “realism,” this is certainly one aspect to the real world game that is probably best left out least the game’s younger audience pick up bad habits.

Reports that players can “bite” each other should be totally bogus though.

Recently, The SPORT Bible tweeted a picture of Luis Suarez in a Uruguay jersey “biting” a Netherlands player, and added the caption: “FIFA 15 is so realistic…”

The player models, however, resemble those of EA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup game, which is based off FIFA 14. It is highly likely that a gamer managed to catch the 2014 FIFA World Cup Suarez in a short of glitch, took a screenshot, and passed it off as FIFA 15.

Unless EA does confirm that the picture is a “leaked” screenshot of FIFA 15, it clearly is yet another attempt to troll Suarez, who has been involved with three biting incidents to date.

Check out the picture below.


 FIFA 15 is slated for a September 23 release for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo 3DS.