FIFA 15 Release Date: ‘Next Gen’ Goalkeepers with Improved Career Mode (+Trailer)

Goalkeepers are going to get tougher to beat in FIFA 15.

EA has decided to give goalies a total makeover. Goalkeeper AI has been “completely rewritten,” and they have now “over 50 new save animations, improved AI and a new, realistic player model.”

The end result? The “Next Gen” ‘keepers are “more responsive and fluid when they move and look and think like real-life keepers.”

For instance, goalkeepers in FIFA 15 are able to response to gameplay situations and pull out clutch saves by “reaching back or throwing out a leg.”

In previous iterations of FIFA, goalkeepers, while intelligent, were not very good at pulling off reflex moves, meaning that they stay well and truly beat if opponents sell them a dummy before shooting, for instance.

Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 are also supposedly able to make better one-on-one decisions (goalies can charge out to stop on-rushing attackers if players press the triangle/Y button), and have improved ability to track the ball “on crosses, corners and through balls towards their box.”

Ironically, the improved mobility of ‘keepers cuts both ways, as attackers are better able to exploit risky goalie movement, and make snap shoots to put them off.

EA has also added a deeper level of realism to Career Mode, one of the more popular FIFA game modes.

Of the many tweaks, the one that could be potentially game changing is the change to Player Growth.

Player Growth is an aspect of the game that EA have never quite gotten right over the numerous iterations of FIFA.

For instance, some highly rated older players — Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes come to mind — tended to retire after only a season or two in Career Mode, when in reality, Ryan Giggs only just recently retired in real life.

Also, certain younger players with high potential never seem to be able to grow fast enough.

EA claims that older “won’t retire as quickly” in FIFA 15, and “high potential players grow faster if you give the opportunity to do so.”

FIFA 15 is set for a September 23 release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the PC.