Engaged Couple Identified as Victims in Fatal Crash With Wrong-Way Driver

December 13, 2017 Updated: December 13, 2017

The two victims of a fatal crash in Michigan—a man and a woman—were identified as an engaged couple from Wayne on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

The crash happened Tuesday morning as the couple was driving along the I-275 highway. Nicholas Pare and Shannon McIntyre were both killed in a collision at the northbound lanes near Palmer road in Canton Township, according to NBC affiliate WDIV-TV.

Michigan State police said that the couple’s vehicle was hit by another driver who was traveling in the wrong direction on the interstate.

Authorities said that the driver who hit the couple was a 59-year-old man—he had an open container of alcohol inside his vehicle.

That driver—who was not identified as of writing—was transported to a local hospital. He was later released from the hospital pending charges.

According to WDIV-TV, the northbound lanes of the I-275 were shut down for several hours as authorities investigated the scene.

Pare’s Facebook account reveals that the couple, engaged to be married, were enjoying life just days earlier. On Saturday, the pair were on a date night at the local movie theater.

What’s even more touching is that the boyfriend was sharing posts about a necklace from a jewelry store, where he tagged his soon to be wife in.

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