Earthquake Rattles Wanganui, New Zealand

By Nick Mclaughlin
Nick Mclaughlin
Nick Mclaughlin
August 24, 2010 Updated: August 24, 2010

An earthquake struck Wanganui measuring 5 on the Richter scale, as reported by New Zealand’s TV3 News.

Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws and RadioLIVE talkback host described the quake on his radio show as the strongest he had ever felt.

"That was an absolute beauty. The studio rocked and I mean literally rocked,” Mr. Laws said.

Wanganui has had its fair share of earthquakes over the years, according to the Wanganui district council website, including an 8.2 magnitude in 1855, and a 6.5 in 1991, and more recent smaller quakes in 2007.

TV3 News reported that Mr. Laws described the quake like being in a ghost train saying, “I've been in one of those ghost trains where, you know where you're in a ghost train and sometimes they flip the levels to make you be unbalanced… that was what we're seeing in reality.

“My studio walls leapt inward by at least a foot, I'm not exaggerating. They came towards me, they went out, they came toward me, they went out.”

 There have been no reports of injuries.