Dr Oz Espouses Sugar-free Detox Diet for Weight Loss; Calls Sugar a ‘Drug’

April 15, 2014 Updated: August 6, 2015

Dr. Mehmet Oz explored a sugar-free detox diet for weight loss, saying that sugar is an extremely addictive substance.

“It’s a dangerous drug destroying your health,” said Dr. Oz. “Studies suggest it’s as addictive as cocaine.”

During his show on April 14, he said that eating too much sugar causes diseases such as diabetes and cancer, along with weight gain.

His guest on the program was Dr. Nicole Avena, neuroscientist and addiction specialist and author of “Why Diets Fail (Because You’re Addicted to Sugar).”

She confirmed that sugar is an addictive drug.

“It’s really the most abused drug in our society,” she said

Sugar, Dr. Oz noted, is in almost every food around, including things like chicken broth and cold cuts. 

He said that people can go cold turkey and engage in the detox diet by combating withdrawal symptoms by simply recognizing them. After a day or two they’ll begin to go away.

He also said that people need to manage their cravings, and do things like take a walk or call a friend when an urge to eat sugar hits.


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