DIY Remedies for Bug Bites, Stings and Scratches (Infographic)

September 21, 2016 Updated: September 21, 2016

Even the most vigilant families can fall prey to any number of summertime ailments, whether that’s overexposure to the sun, getting bit by mosquitoes or stung by bees, or getting scratched up wading through the brambles. And while most of these are not likely to be life-threatening (barring an allergic reaction), they can be rather uncomfortable and irritating to deal with, and can take a fun outing and turn it into an itchy and inflamed experience for everyone involved.

Fortunately, finding some relief from these common health issues could be as close as your pantry or herb garden, where a number of natural and DIY remedies can be found, as the following infographic illustrates.

Source: Blog
Source: Blog

Originally published on NaturalPapa