Hunters Rescue Deer Trapped Between Two Trees

May 8, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

The surprising moment a helpless deer was rescued from two trees it had become entangled between by two helpful hunters has recently gone viral online.

In the video we see the poor doe stuck fast between the two trees whose thick trunks narrow as they approach the floor. Desperately she bucks and pushes and pulls in a vain attempt to free herself.

Initially the two men try to help by lifting her upwards to where the gap between the tree trunks is wider. But the poor animal is stuck fast and becoming more and more desperate by the minute.

One quick thinking hunter then decides to try and prize the trees apart but he stops when he finds that moving the thick trunks apart is too difficult a task. To help with the endeavor one man disappears for a few seconds before returning with a small handle axe that he uses to hack and chop at the thinnest of the two trees with as much ferocity as he can muster whilst also ensuring the deer remains unharmed. Over and over he cuts away small pieces of wood, weakening the tree in the hope that it will move enough for the deer to escape to safety.

Repeatedly they try to prize the trees apart with no luck but just as all hope seems lost and their plan seem futile, the trees part just enough to allow the grateful deer to squeeze through and out of its snare. Once free the creature runs away at full speed, happy to be free but wanting to be as far away from the hunters as it possibly can.

Video Credit: Viralhog