CIA Accidentally Leaves Explosive Material on Virginia School Bus

By Andrew Simontacchi, Epoch Times
April 1, 2016 Updated: April 1, 2016


Explosive training material was inadvertently left in a school bus for two days before the CIA alerted county police in Loundon, Va., on Friday.

The CIA had used the Briar Woods High School bus for a K9 training exercise during the high school’s spring break, from March 21–24, according to a press release from the LCPD.

Throughout the exercise, canines were searching for planted explosive material both inside and outside the school. During the outside portion, materials were hidden inside an engine compartment of the school bus, officials said.

At some point, a portion of the material appeared to have been dismounted from the container and fell deeper into the engine compartment; therefore, not recovered at the end of the training.

The vehicle, with the uncovered explosives material, was operational with students for two days prior to being found when it underwent routine maintenance.

According to the CIA, the materials were incredibly stable, and explosive experts from the county say the students onboard were not in any danger.

K9 training exercises have been halted pending further review.

In a statement released on March 31, the CIA said: 

“To prevent such incidents from happening again, CIA has taken immediate steps to strengthen inventory and control procedures in its K-9 program. CIA will also conduct a thorough and independent review of CIA’s K-9 training program.”

All other buses used in the exercise were searched, and no more explosives material was discovered.

Members from the county Sheriff’s Office, the county Fire Marshal’s Office, the county Public Schools’ Safety and Security Office, the Office of the County Administrator, and the CIA continue to review the incident.