Children Eat Their Veggies When Parents Do

By Carrie Ciula,

By Carrie Ciula, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

With Kid Friendly Organic Healthy Recipes

In our convenience focused society, many kids are learning that it is quicker to open up a bag of chips then it is to take the time to wash off a piece of fruit.  By now, I’m certain that very few of us have not heard or read about how important it is to back off of the commercialized, processed, packaged fare and to get back to the fresh, Earth~produced foods that we are biologically designed to consume.

This past weekend, our family met up with a few friends for a picnic. One of the other kids began commenting on what my children were eating- claiming that veggies are “tasteless” and that he refuses to eat them unless they are fried. The whole conversation triggered the question in my mind:& how can we motivate kids to harmonize with and enjoy healthy eating habits? The following are a few simple strategies that I believe will help if your child isn’t so fond of the fresh stuff……………

Blend up a Fresh Fruit and Greens Smoothie.

Blending is an easy, fast and fun way to pack a lot of nutrition into one simple drink.

Begin by using your child’s favorite fruits and blend them with mild greens (spinach, lettuces, etc.) and a small amount of water to create a smoothie that is both palatable and nutritionally potent.  As your child acclimates to the taste- you can begin to branch out with different fruits and darker greens.  You can also use nut milks or fresh juice as a base for added nutrition.


If your child is having trouble ‘digging’ a particular fruit or veggie~ try making a dip to go along with it.  Dips are fun to eat and add a whole new dimension, taste~wise.  Examples-> almond butter, sunflower butter, blended fruit or chocolate dip (cold pressed oil, cocoa or carob powder, vanilla stevia, sea salt.)

‘Fun’ify’ Snacks

Pretend play with your child while eating…maybe you’re at a cocktail party- or eating with the Queen and King….use fancy cups and plates, cocktail umbrellas or reusable straws.  Create the dish to look like an animal or bug…remember thee ol’ ‘worms in the dirt’ recipe from our childhood?  FUN!  There are several great and easy-to-find online sites to stir up ideas.

Include a Colorful Salad With Dinner.

The way a meal looks is often just as important as how it tastes.  Use a variety of different veggies (and/or fruits) so that your salad will be colorful and visually appealing.  Try blending up your own dressing using apple cider vinegar or lemon, cold pressed oil, and fresh herbs.

Healthy Desserts!

Does your child likes ice cream?  Try making ice cream from coconut milk…or avocados and natural flavors/sweeteners.  Get creative with fruit by topping it with the above chocolate sauce or nut/seed based crumble…..or go for something equally as delightful, yet beyond simple- like apple slices, almond butter and cinnamon.  The possibilities really are endless.

Naturally, each above idea can be customized to your child’s unique tastes and preferences.  You’ll find it easier and easier to replace processed, packaged, nutrient~stripped concoctions with nutrient~rich, realfood…Enjoy!