Cardio Benefits that You May Not Think About

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Life Fitness
May 24, 2016 Updated: May 24, 2016

So, how important is the time you spend on a treadmill or cross-trainer each week? Are you putting in the miles just to help maintain your weight or because there’s a 5K coming up?

The upside of cardio a workout isn’t limited to just the obvious health benefits. A great article by trainer Pete McCall on the ACE Fitness website examines seven overlooked benefits of cardio.

The article is a great reminder that you should approach cardio from a different perspective from time to time, especially on those days when putting in the miles just isn’t very appealing.

1.Try to think of your workouts not as a daily or weekly obligation, but rather as some quality alone time. The physical nature of exercise and the release of hormones serve as a stress reliever. But mentally, a long cardio workout session can be beneficial as well. It’s a little bit of time spent away from the job, the kids or other potential stressors.

2. Mix up the cardio routine to keep things interesting and fresh. If the treadmill is your thing, get on a cross-trainer one day a week. Want to work different muscles? Try the total-body workout of a rower from time to time.

Different approaches to your cardio workouts can help ensure that they’re always fresh and something that you’re excited to do. Getting started with your workout is often the hardest part. Convince yourself to take that first step, and you’ll never miss a workout.

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