Candy Brand Butterfinger and Chicago Bears Get Into Fight on Twitter

September 29, 2017 Updated: September 29, 2017

A candy company has weighed in on a recent NFL game.

The official Twitter account of Butterfinger, a chocolate candy bar, tweeted during a Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers game on Thursday, Sept. 28: “Butter…knees? #CHIvsGB.”

The candy company was making reference to the Bear’s slippery fingers when quarterback Mike Glennon had a snap bounce off his knee for a fumble that the Packers recovered, ESPN reported.

“Might be replaced by Butterfeet now #CHIvsGB” the brand continued in another tweet as the Bears’ scored lagged behind that of the Packers.

What happened next started a heated chain of exchanges as the Chicago Bears official Twitter account replied to the tweets.

“Stick to candy,” the Bears tweeted.

“Stick to football. Oh…wait,” Butterfingers replied.

The “Stick to candy” tweet only got over 1.9 thousand favorites as of writing on Sept. 28, but the Butterfinger’s reply got over 16,000 favorites.

The Bears followed that with a photo of singer Charlie’s Puth album titled “Attention – Single.” But Butterfingers was ready with a reply: “Attention it’s 14-0 and you’re focusing on the wrong game here.”

Butterfinger then replied with multiple tweets: “This is just sad,” and “You there?” as the Bears remained silent.

“We’re concerned now,” Butterfingers continued to reply as the Bears seemed to ignore the pummel of tweets.

Part of the exchange can be seen below.

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated the context of the Twitter exchange.  


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