One of The Bachelor’s Final Four Contestants Posed Nude for Playboy: Report (+Photos)

November 6, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

One of the final four contestants in Chris Soules’ The Bachelor season posed for Playboy completely nude.

Season 19 is currently close to being done filming, with just four women left and the rose ceremony for one of the women to go home slated for Thursday night in Los Angeles.

The women and Chris will then head to Bali for the final episodes.

But the big news is about Jade Roper, a 27-year-old from Nebraska who currently lives in L.A.

Reality Steve revealed that Roper once posed for Playboy Amateur, and had a three-minute video filmed as well.

“We’re not talking, ‘Oh, she took her top off and there’s one shot of her on the internet topless,'” he said. Roper was “completely nude.”

Her stage name is Jade Elizabeth.






“If you want to see all 15 photos from that photo shoot where Jade is not shy about showing the whole world her goodies for free, I’m not going to provide the link due to the graphic natures of the ads on the page, but a quick Google image search will show you everything you need to know,” Steve noted.

“These are free to view for anyone who has a computer, so it’s clear the show was well aware who they were casting.”

Not once in all 18 seasons of THe Bachelor so far has there been a contestant with nude photos circulating the Internet or posed for Playboy. One of the biggest questions is whether Soules is aware of Roper’s past.

Along with the information about the Playboy situation, Steve was informed that Roper has been in some trouble with the law.

Among her charges have been two counts of theft and a DUI.

Season 19 is slated to premiere on January 5, 2015.


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