Australian Finance Minister Cormann Seeks Opposition Suport in OECD Bid

October 10, 2020 Updated: October 10, 2020

Labor has yet to decide whether they will back outgoing Finance Minister Mathias Cormann in his bid for the top job at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The West Australian senator will leave politics at the end of the month, two months than earlier planned, to start lobbying for next year’s vacancy for OECD secretary-general.

The Morrison government is seeking bipartisan support for the nomination of Senator Cormann.

Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers said Labor was considering the nomination.

“Clearly the overarching principle is that we want Australians to making a contribution on the world stage but we haven’t come to a concluded view,” Chalmers told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program on Oct. 11.

But he pointed out the coalition government did not have a good record of supporting¬†bipartisan nominees for key international institutions, notably when it wouldn’t back former Labor leader Kevin Rudd for a role at the United Nations.

“(That) clearly was not good enough and not in the national interest,” Chalmers said.

“We’ll have further discussion and when we come to a concluded view, you’ll hear from Anthony (Albanese) about it.”

By Colin Brinsden