Art Studio Owner Wants Everybody to See Shen Yun

February 12, 2017

“I think it’s fabulous. I brought two more people back this year, just because I enjoyed it so much in the past.”


“The history involved in it is something interesting as well, the costuming is fabulous, of course, I’m into textiles, so I watch how the silk flying around—I’m fascinated by the technology of it, because I’m in the arts.”


“I think the whole thing [connected emotionally]—the yellow [“Yellow Blossoms”], that was absolutely fantastic. … I like color, and my world is in color and dance and I’m a happy person, so I enjoyed the happy spirit in the whole thing.”


“I think it’s tragic that people can’t express their own desires … and have to be controlled, …  We have the freedom of choice—So, I think that’s very sad [for China].”


“I wish everybody could see it. And I do want to come back. And I gave it as a Christmas gift, and I think it was worth waiting for and introducing other people to it. I think it should be seen by everybody and enjoyed by everybody, because it’s a spiritual thing as well.”


“It’s art, and it’s God that gives us talents, and we need to use them, no matter what talent they are, and these people sure have used their God-given talents for the enjoyment of everybody, and I think it’s fabulous, and I think it’s wonderful, too, that there’s a history behind, and that there’s something more meaningful in this presentation. It’s not fluffy, it’s powerful. It’s spiritual.”