Answers to Every Possible Thanksgiving Health Question, 2014

November 26, 2014 Updated: November 26, 2014

If I run a Turkey Trot in the morning can I eat the turkey skin?Sophie Gilbert, Washington, DC

You know I am pro skin, even gravy-filled skin bowls. I thought my town was the only one with a Turkey Trot! I didn’t know that was a thing. Yes, that’s how exercise and food work.

What’s a good recipe for  pumpkin pie if I’m on the Paleo diet? Chet Woodhaul, Hammond, IN

None. You either eat like a real caveperson or you eat pumpkin pie, but you don’t get to do both. Not this time.

If I eat my Thanksgiving meal over the course of two hours instead of 10 minutes, is that healthier? Will I gain less weight and have fewer heart attacks?Alana Semuels, New York, NY

Yes. If you eat more slowly you’ll probably eat less. How many heart attacks are you having right now?

For purposes of plate balancing, pumpkin pie counts as a vegetable, right? Carl Johnson, Washington, DC

For purposes of plate balancing, yes.

People are always nervous their family members will say something embarrassing. Could anxiety be good for digestion?Derek Thompson, New York, NY

It’s actually terrible for digestion. Your bowels are just an extension of your brain. Good luck!

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