Adam Carolla: Lawsuit Filed Against Comedian by Former Friend

June 4, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Comedian and radio host Adam Carolla was served a lawsuit by his former childhood friend for a second time, reported TMZ.

Donny Misraje sued Carolla for publishing two old photos in his book without his permission. TMZ described the photos as not great “point-and-shoot stuff” from the mid-1980s.

“Plaintiff believes that he has suffered or is likely to suffer damages and will continue to suffer serious and substantial damages resulting from Defendants’ copyright infringement, including irreparable injury for which there is no adequate remedy at law,” the lawsuit filed at U.S. District Court in Central California reads, reported The Wrap.

The photos were published in Carolla’s “Not Taco Bell Material” book.

Misraje also asked the court to destroy copies of “Not Taco Bell Material.”