A Feather Was Found Stuck in a Baby’s Neck, and Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out Why

By Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips
Breaking News Reporter
Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York.
March 3, 2019 Updated: August 5, 2019

Nobody knew what was troubling 7-month-old Mya Whittington, but when she was finally hospitalized, they found it.

What they discovered was a 2-inch feather that was embedded inside of her neck.

“We were just pretty much in disbelief,” Mya’s father, Aaron Whittington, 26, told ABC News.

“I was at work and my wife noticed that the left side of her neck had started to swell, and she called me at work and asked if we should take her to the emergency room,” Whittington said in the 2012 report.

And doctors aren’t sure how it even got in there.

“As far as how the feather got into the side of the neck, our doctor says we’ll probably never really know,” he said.

(YouTube / screenshot)
(YouTube / screenshot)

But there is a possible theory.

Aaron, who is from Hutchinson, Kansas, told CBS News that doctors said Mya may have put the feather in her mouth and it then got stuck in her throat. Then, her body tried to eject the foreign item through her neck.

“It just started to reject it and forced it out,” Aaron added.

How in the world did that feather got inside his cheek? 😱🤔

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“She’s been pulling on the left side of her face for a couple of months,” Aaron’s wife Emma told the Associated Press.

Emma said she had just assumed it was an ear infection or teething pain, according to Daily Mail.

When the parents first went to the hospital after Mya’s cheek became swollen, doctors said it was likely just a swollen gland and prescribed antibiotics.

Mya’s grandmother then took the girl back to the hospital again after a “pimple” appeared on the swollen area.

"They pulled a feather out of my child," Mya's dad tells CNN. "How crazy is that?"

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It had grown to be larger than a golf ball, Aaron Whittington said.

“She looked like Quasimodo,” her father said.

It was then that doctors discovered the feather.

Mya’s parents had a down feather pillow on their bed, but the girl wasn’t normally on it. The parents said they put the pillow in the trash after the incident.

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Doctors told the parents that the swelling must have caused the baby a massive amount of pain. Mya seemed to only cry when nurses began prodding the area, reported Daily Mail.

Sandra Mathis, a registered nurse with 20 years of experience in pediatrics, told the news outlet she had never seen anything like what happened to Mya.

However, she once saw a child with hairbrush bristles stuck in their tonsils after chewing on a brush, she said.

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Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips
Breaking News Reporter
Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York.