Video: Dog Missing a Limb Is Dumped in River, but Watch His Incredible Recovery

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

It is a sad video with a heartwarming ending. Watch as a poor puppy, severely mistreated by a homeless man, is found sitting helpless in a riverbed. His leg was intentionally cut, and he had been thrown down into the river some 30-feet intentionally.

A bystander, with his camera rolling, is called to action. Seeing the situation, he jumps into action to rescue the puppy sitting motionless below. He climbs over the fence running along the river and slowly approaches the puppy, so as not to alarm or frighten it further.

Trapped and alone for days, the puppy was terrified and in great amounts of pain. Hope For Paws, a local rescue group, was called in to help facilitate a rescue. The puppy is placed into a basket and slowly hoisted up out of the river and into the arms of bystanders who rush him into an emergency veterinary clinic, where he is immediately given care. Doctors did not know if he would survive, but his comeback is astounding, and he recovers with time and loving care.

A few days later, he is given the name Jordan and fostered into a loving family. Playing and running around, Jordan is set on not letting three legs stop him from taking full advantage of his second chance at life. While a sad video from the onset, the heartwarming ending and display of human compassion has sent the video viral on Facebook. You just must watch for yourself.

Credit: Hope For Paws