7 Foods That Burn Fat (Video)

November 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015


A lot of weight loss advice revolves around what not to eat and to eat less, but what should those who want to loose weight be eating?

1. Broccoli Raab, contains enzymes that signals your body to burn fat

2. Avocados, not only do they increase your metabolic rate, they also help to interfere with your bodies ability to store fat

3.  Brazil Nuts convert thyroid hormones into their more active form, giving your metabolism a boost. They also bind toxins and can stop watery fat storage, like cellulite

4. Chia Seeds, are an extremely complete plant food, containing heart healthy omega fatty acids, protein and fiber

5. Wild Salmon, helps to improve your bodies sensitivity to Insulin

6. Cinnamon,  keeps insulin out of the bloodstream and is also extremely low in calories. Masala Chai tea is a very tasty beverage loaded with cinnamon

7. Coffee, stimulates your adrenal glands, which causes your fat cells to start releasing their stored energy