6 Great Kitchen Additions for the Healthy Eater

December 15, 2014 Updated: December 15, 2014

By Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Let’s face it, technology has made many food preparation tasks so much easier. While a mandolin is a thing of beauty, I just can’t seem to get comfortable with it. I’m too sure I am about to lose a fingertip to the blades. Give me a great food processor every time.

If you eat a conventional diet, you open cans, tear open boxes, pop things into the oven or the microwave. But if you eat right, there are a few kitchen gadgets you might truly enjoy. The best possible diet consists of 80% or more raw produce. You can interpret this the simple way – grab raw veggies out of the fridge and eat them. Nothing could be more simple, right? Or the complicated way: you must become a raw chef. I choose the middle ground. I make a lot of salads. A wide variety of vegetables is the preferred eating plan. This means a little prep time. A few gadgets minimize my time in the kitchen.

Food Processor

Most kitchens contain a food processor these days. But is yours a good one? The difference between a cheap food professor and a high end one is surprising. A high end food processor (Breville Sous Chef (16-cup) or Cuisinart Elite (14 cup) are excellent machines. Both have a smaller bowl (the Cuisinart has 2) for smaller jobs and both have seals to keep in liquids, unlike cheaper models. The Breville has an adjustable slicing disk with 24 settings; the Cuisinart, 6 settings.

The large capacity, the multiple disks, the wide mouth, and the ease of cleaning make these machines worth their hefty price tags. (Both are currently listed at $299.00).


The Vitamix is definitely the top contender when it comes to blenders. It is also the most expensive. But let’s face it, the Vitamix makes nut butters and soups from cold vegetables along with incredible smoothies. It even makes flour out of grains.


There is a lot you can do with a dehydrator but if your family is trying to kick the chip habit, veggies chips may be your best friend. Kale chips? Zucchini chips? If you bought the Breville food processor, you can make very thin crispy chips. Try flax seed chips, too. And of course you can make dried fruits and veggies. (Bananas? Tomatoes?) along with raw treats such as cookies, bars, and breads. Excalibur makes awesome machines.


Yes, you can grow sprouts in a jar. But it is a lot more fun to grow a whole bunch at one in a self watering sprouter. We park our Freshlife Sprouter on the table and grab sprouts to throw on our meals right there as they grow. You can buy an extra tier to grow twice as many at once!

Spiral Slicer

There are a few brands of spiral slicers or spiralizers out there. I have no idea why someone doesn’t make a serious one constructed out of stainless steel instead of these wimpy plastic ones. None are very expensive; they are all fun. Use spiral slicers to make long strings of veggies in the shape of noodles or ribbons. Very cool for those of us who eat a lot of veggies.

Coconut Opener

If you don’t open coconuts, you have no idea how grateful one could be for a simple kitchen gadget. Without this, opening a coconut is an exercise in both patience and precision as you try to whack the same 4 spots multiple times with a very heavy, very sharp blade. The Coco Jack is a quick, safe, and easy way to open a coconut in seconds.

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