6 Best Drinks To Help Lose The Weight

July 6, 2014 Updated: July 5, 2014

These drinks will fill you up and boost your metabolism, naturally.  Rather than starving yourself, which will automatically turn your body metabolism to low drive, sip on these healthy beverages throughout the day to give your metabolism a natural boost.  Every time you crave junk food or carbohydrates reach for one of these drinks, instead.

1.  Coffee – One cup of coffee a day can be a healthy habit if you avoid adding sugar. Spice it up with cinnamon, cocoa, almond or soy milk. (organic please)  A little caffeine will boost your mood and helps the bowels clean out the excess.  But don’t over do a good thing, coffee is acidic and our bodies perform best when our ph is balanced.  Too much coffee can easily throw off that balance.  More often than not, we need alkaline drinks, not acidic.

2.  Water  Boring? Maybe. Water hydrates your cells and fills you up quickly, especially sparkling water. Keep it interesting by adding lemon, orange peel or cucumber. Or get creative, add flower pedals, licorice root, pomogranite seeds and goji berries. These are some of my favorites.  Beware of  artificially flavored water in bottles. Many are sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as sucrolose. Studies show the artificial sweeteners can trick your cells into craving sweets.  Some bottled waters advertise they are alkaline, this is a great alternative if you can verify the claims.

3.  Energy Booster Herb Pack    When you are trying to eat less and loose weight it is often a challenge to have enough energy to get through the day.  Energy Booster Herb Pack is the perfect addition.  Drink it hot or cold or use the powdered herbal extract without water.   Either way it gives that extra boost of energy to help you through your day.  The ginseng, goji berries and 10 other herbs all help to boost your energy naturally without burning out your adrenals which caffeinated drinks will do.  Use it everyday, for a safe natural energy boost.

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4.  Fresh Pressed Vegetable Juice   One of the easiest and healthiest ways to clean out some stored up fat is a vegetable juice cleanse. Whether you’re on a strict cleansing diet or just starting to add fresh juice it is a great addition to any diet.   If you don’t have a juicer stop by your local health food store that juices while you wait.   Forget the pre-packaged bottles of vegie juice.  Very few of the nutrient are left in those drinks by the time you buy it. Don’t waste your money, freshly made is the only way to get your juice. Plus, it fills you up fast.

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5.  Green Tea    Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and natural polyphenols. Whether you drink it hot or cold tea it is a wonderful alternative to sodas or artificially sweetened drinks.   Oolong green tea has been researched extensively for its ability to control obesity and is an excellent choice.   Try to skip the sugar in your tea.  If you must sweeten your tea try stevia or a natural fruit sweetener like Lou Han Kuo.  (More about it here.)

6.  Apple Cider Vinegar   Even though this is probably not your first choice in drinks, it is probably the best drink you can add to your diet for a variety of weight lose reasons.  A couple tablespoons  is usually enough per day, depending on your weight.   You can dilute it with water, a little goes a long way.   Apple cider vinegar is an alkalizing drink and is widely used to burn fat, reduce heart burn and help digestion.  

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