5 Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 15, 2017 Updated: June 15, 2017

Father’s have a lot to do and for one day they are allowed to sit back and savor the honor of being a dad. We have some great gift ideas that will keep dad happy and healthy every day.

Here are 5 great gift ideas for dad: 

1. A New Grill: Grilling foods is super easy just make sure not to char it as this can contain carcinogens. Get dad a new grill this year so he can be the master chef.

2. BPA Free Water Bottle: BPA’s are endocrine disrupters and just bad all around. Get dad a new water bottle like this Teakwood Insulated Swell Bottle or a Soma Glass Water Bottle

3. Fitbit: Some dad’s need a little incentive to get moving and this simple device can help provide motivation. Sitting is known to shorten life span and we know you want dad around for as long as possible. He can follow other family members and friends in the app and compete to see who can stay on top of the list of most steps each day.  And the latest HR Charge 2 can even remind him to take 250 steps every hour.

4. Exercise Bike/Workstation: Now this is super neat. It’s a desk with a exercise bike built right-in. For the multitasking dad, he can work and exercise at the same time.

5. Bug Repellant: Does your dad like to go camping or hiking? Protect him from those nasty little biters like mosquitos or ticks with a natural bug repellant this summer.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. 

This article was originally published on www.NaturallySavvy.com