5 Easy Tips for a Healthy Halloween

October 25, 2013 Updated: October 24, 2013

Halloween marks the beginning of the indulgent holiday season. Halloween is not only a sweet holiday for kids; it can also lead to a season of sugary consumption for adults. It is no secret that candy and desserts eaten in moderation is key to enjoying those less healthy foods without feeling deprived. It is always helpful to have a refresher on healthy habits to help navigate this candy-centered holiday. Here are some tips to keep your Halloween a healthy one. 

Delay Filling the Candy Bowl

Out of sight, out of mind. There are times when you may not be craving a sugary snack at all. However, because you just so happen to open the cabinet and see a bag of Halloween candy staring back, it is easy to munch on, simply because it’s there. Waiting until the last minute to fill the candy bowl [for trick-or-treaters] can help mitigate the snacking temptation. 

Better Candy Bowl Options

Selecting better options for your candy bowl ensures your leftovers will be healthier options as well. These include fruit snacks made with 100% fruit juice with added vitamin C, gum, animal crackers, whole-wheat cheddar crackers, mini peanut butter crackers, mini rice cereal treat bars, and unsalted pretzels. 

Portion Control

Many times, mini- or fun-sized candies can be tempting since they are “just a small piece.” However, five bite-sized chocolate caramels later and you may as well have eaten a regular sized chocolate bar. Be sure to keep your treat to no more than a few pieces of your favorite mini-sized candy.

Enjoy the Treat

Whether there are sugary treats in the office, sweets from your kids’ trick-or-treat candy haul, or leftover candy from Halloween night, you can still indulge in your favorite treats. Making room for treats and desserts can be part of a healthy diet. 

Stay Physically Active

Taking the kids out trick-or-treating is a good opportunity to log some extra walking time. Or if trick-or-treating is not on the agenda, taking a walk, jog, or run throughout the neighborhood can be a great way to fit in some exercise while enjoying the festive costumes and decorations. 

These are great tips not only for Halloween, but also throughout this holiday season. Navigate the comfort foods of Thanksgiving and the scrumptious desserts of Christmas with these principles.

Caroline Leung is a Registered Dietitian in the New York City area. She has an interest in nutrition for the prenatal and diabetic population. In her free time, she writes about all things nutrition at her website: http://www.nutritionwithcaroline.com/.