3 Ways to Embrace the Masculine Yang for Father’s Day

June 18, 2015 Updated: June 18, 2015

Fathers have a huge impact on our psyche and we often end up sitting across from them figuratively speaking. Our fathers come disguised as our partners, lovers, bosses and even friends. Father’s serve a great purpose in our development and are often a key in our self-actualization.

The father is represented in our masculine (yang) side. The way that we approach problems, practicality, moving forward in life and Father’s Day can be a reminder for us to connect with our masculine side. There are aspects of the masculine that can sometimes be confused with our ego or testosterone when in reality they are very different from one another. Let’s focus on three things on our masculine side that are positive:

1. Rational vs. Dogmatic

Embracing rationality can help us to make positive decisions for ourselves. For some of us this means staying out of all or nothing extremes and finding the balance of what feels right with what makes sense. We ought to be careful of getting stuck in too many rules or dogmas without exception or we become rigid instead of levelheaded and open-minded.

2. Loving Detachment vs. Coldness

The Masculine has a way of not taking things personally, we can learn from this. A healthy dose of distance helps us to keep things in perspective so that we don’t let things or people outside of our control overwhelm us. On the flipside we don’t want to be so detached that we lack feeling or sensitivity when it is necessary and important. Detachment means approaching matters with simplicity not ignoring, avoiding or dismissing an issue.

3. Drive vs. Blind Ambition

Having goals, dreams and aspirations is a wonderful attribute that keeps us motivated and growing into ourselves as we move forward. If we don’t do this we can get trapped in a routine and lose sight of the joy we can feel out of accomplishment. On the other hand, a drive without a sense of integrity can lead us down a very confusing path. Our challenge is to pursue our goals by letting go of the “getting” and instead enjoying what happens along the way.

This Father’s Day let us strive to bring the masculine yang into harmony and learn from it’s strengths.