2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport: Quiet by Design, Loaded with Luxury and Technology

February 27, 2016 Updated: February 27, 2016

The new Jaguar XF is lighter, more efficient, and packed with technology.

I’d like to mention several features that are segment-leading for the XF, starting with the fact that the XF has the lowest emissions of any new hybrid model (104 g/km).

In addition, lightweight aluminum architecture enables class-leading weight of 176 pounds lighter than the competition.

The feature I liked the most was the rear seat space. Occupants of the second row gain 0.6-inch more legroom, 0.94-inch more knee room, and up to 1.06-inch more head room than competitors.

Admittedly, the driver’s seat was a little small for me. I was also desperate for some small open storage spaces for sliding glasses and keys, and the always-disappearing cell phone. I needed something to help control my smaller items.

I would have also preferred radio volume and station selection to be accomplished by a knob instead of touch screen. Rough roads and uneven pavement made it difficult to press accurately the buttons or icons. Placing the press points along the edges of the navigation screen demands too much precise attention and often becomes a distraction. A large clock (silver dollar-sized) with easily read numbers would have also been a real asset.

The Jaguar XF is an agile, responsive, and comfortable vehicle to drive.

The XF handled very well, enhanced by the double-wishbone integral link suspension. The light but stiff body combined with the high-strength steel delivers a nearly 50-50 weight distribution. This feature, along with the double-wishbone front, allows for the agile handling and steering that has become the hallmark of such a quality automobile.

In other parts of the world, the XF is also available in a 4- or 6-cylinder Euro 6 diesel, but in North America the XF comes with a 3.0 L supercharged V6 accompanied by a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission with shifter paddles. This big engine delivers 340 hp, capable of bringing the car from rest to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. The EPA fuel economy is 20 mpg city and 30 mpg highway for a combined 24 mpg.

The cabin is simply splendid. Leather seating surfaces, 10×10-way power adjustable front sport seats with memory for the driver’s side, elegant styling, electric power-assisted steering, and JaguarDrive Control with ECO, winter, and dynamic mode, along with torque vectoring; all combine to make this sport coupe a segment leader in dynamics and refinement.

The more vertical front end, shorter front overhang, longer wheelbase, and the modern infotainment system offer major improvements from the original XF from 2007. Standard luxury items like moonroof, keyless entry, lane keeping assist, navigation, blindspot monitor, and touchscreen control are just some of the comfort and convenience items found in the XF R-Sport.

The MSRP for the FX R-Sport RWD is $60,650. There are other optional features like the $2,700 Luxury Interior Pack, the $3,100 Driver Assistance Pack, or the $2,000 Comfort & Convenience Pack. Cooled and heated front seats and power trunk close are part of the comfort package.

Even without these options, the Jaguar XF is an agile, responsive, and comfortable vehicle to drive. The Director of Design, Jaguar, Ian Callum, describes quite effectively the new Jaguar design:

“The all new XF has a clear sense of calm and strength, both outside and inside-and I’m proud of my team for delivering that.”

Durhl Caussey writes a car column read around the world. He may be reached at this paper or dcaussey@sbcglobal.net