10 Things Facial Moles Say About Your Personality–#8 Means You Are Good at Turning the Odds in Your Favor

April 30, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

According to many cultures around the world including Greek, Indian, and Chinese, the position of moles on different parts of the body can reveal a lot about a person’s character. For example, a mole on the forehead is considered a sign of a strong, independent personality. Although the exact location of the mole also changes its significance.

So, grab a mirror and explore the hidden meanings of moles on your face according to the following 10 facial positions, and see what it says about your personality:

1. On the Eyebrow


A mole on the eyebrow usually means you are a serious person. You are unlikely to annoy people around you or make them laugh, but you’re more likely to make an actual difference by getting things done. Precise and responsible, you are the kind of person people feel they can count on. Moles at the ends of the eyebrows also suggest a person of authority and power. If you are in a leadership position, you are probably doing well.

2. Between the Eyebrows


You are courageous and go with your gut feeling. You make decisions without over-analyzing pros and cons, which actually makes you charismatic. Chinese tradition holds that those who have a mole here are blessed with having broad knowledge and competence, allowing them to find success in whatever they do. However, a mole between the eyebrows also suggest a rather argumentative nature, which can motivate you to stand up for yourself but can also be problematic.

3. On the Forehead


You have a strong personality if there’s mole on your forehead. Individuals who have a spot on this area are decisive and determined, sticking to what they consider right. If you are young, it means you are blessed with a free spirit and a strong sense of knowing which direction you’re headed. As an adult, you work best when you get to decide your goals, milestones, and schedules on your own. With a mole on the forehead, you are far better off being your own boss rather than working for somebody.

4. On the Outer Corner of the Eye


Having a mole here is truly a blessing, because you probably enjoy the company of many friends, appreciate social interaction, and like a good laugh. You are very approachable. When people see you, they immediately know that you are available and open to conversation. Your positive and encouraging attitude allows people to remember you as a friendly and thankful person. You may find that many of your friends intersect with you at some point in your life’s journey only to leave you, yet you won’t have a problem finding new friends further on in life.

5. On the Inner Corner of the Eye

You’re a family-oriented person. You forge strong ties with your parents, siblings, and extended family members by valuing, appreciating, and supporting their life choices. The Chinese tradition considers a mole on the inner eye corner unlucky, as such a person is expected to be constantly challenged with life problems, such as poor health, and finance or relationship problems. That being said, you’re likely to overcome all the ups and downs in life, because as long as your beloved family has your back, you will never lose your faith or hope.

6. On the Nose


Having a mole on the nose is not necessarily a bad thing. A mole in this area represents quick thinking and high self-esteem. People who have it are charismatic and well-liked in their social circles. However, they are usually characterized as being short-tempered, which can affect their career or relationship development. They also tend to spend more than they can afford, making personal finance more challenging.

7. On the Cheek


Got a mole on the right side of your cheek? That probably means you are a sensitive and caring person. You do whatever you can to make sure everyone in your family feels comfortable and loved. In a relationship, you’re highly in-tune with your significant other’s needs. At your workplace, you’re respected by your peers or employees because you always have their well-being in mind.

However, if you have it on your left cheek, you are more on the introvert side. Instead of doing a great deal of socializing, you would rather spend time alone to sit and reflect on your life. It’s not like you don’t socialize at all, though. You still maintain a small circle of close friends who appreciate the intimacy you place in them.

8. On the Ear


If your mole is on your ears, you are smart—not book smart, but street smart. You have a keen sense of what’s going on around you, good and bad, and adjust accordingly to make the best out of it. You listen to your gut, but never start something without a plan. No matter what happens to you, you’re unlikely to get overwhelmed or intimidated, because you are so resourceful and know how to minimize risk. A survivor like you usually enjoys a long and meaningful life, surrounded by friends and family till the very end.

If you have a mole situated on the back of your ear, though, you’re more on the conservative side. You diligently follow traditions and customs because you believe there’s something valuable in them that deserves to be preserved.

9. On the Lip


A beauty spot near the lip area can mean you’re an ambitious person who pursues a higher overall level of life satisfaction. You’re not afraid to take risks, and you constantly expose yourself to new ways of thinking. But at the end of the day, you don’t compare yourself with other people, because you measure success only against what you are capable of achieving.

You enjoy socializing if you have a mole on the upper lip; you tend to be nice to everyone you know and find it interesting to meet new people. If the mole is on the lower lip, it means you love to indulge your inner foodie.

10. On the Chin


A mole on the chin means you’re probably the kind of person who easily gets bored staying in the same place. You redesign your room and renovate your house because you need something fresh in your life. You may find yourself surrounded by new people and new places regularly. You not only welcome such changes but actually expect them. Change becomes the norm in your life.