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July 13, 2014 Updated: July 13, 2014

Finding time for exercise isn’t about your schedule, it’s about your priorities. Even if you’re the busiest person on the planet, you can set aside 10 minutes a day devoted to get your body moving! It’s time to drop the excuses and try one of these super quick workouts. Plus, studies show that short workouts help improve your fitness level, it’s all about the intensity of your workouts. As the old saying goes, work harder not longer – so step up and fit 10 minutes into your day:

Do two Tabata intervals. Tabata intervals can be incorporated into riding a bike, running, using your body weight, doing plyometrics and strength training. But there is one variable that doesn’t change – the formula. A Tabata interval consists of eight cycles of 20-second all-out effort, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. This cycle takes roughly four minutes. Start with a one-minute functional warm-up; do two Tabata intervals in a row, and end with a one-minute cool down.

Do 10 exercises for one minute each. Jog in place, do jumping jacks, do bicycle ab crunches, leg lifts, push-ups, a wall sit, high knees, lunges, a plank, and finish up with some squats. You can create your own 10-minute workout by doing 10 exercises for one minute each.

Try a 10-minute Pinterest workout. Got 10 spare minutes you don’t know what to do with? The fitness world on Pinterest has all sorts of 10-minute workouts with ideas for exercises you can do with your own body weight. The variety of ideas will surprise you!

Do a 10-minute power walk. It doesn’t get easier than this – just take 10 minutes out of your day to power walk. Lace up and walk briskly for 10 minutes, even if it’s during your lunch hour or after dinner. Or, find 10 minutes three times per day and spread out your cardio burn when it’s most convenient for you. If you think in 10-minute increments, fitting in 30 minutes of calorie-burn time might be a possibility for you.

Time will no longer get in the way of your workouts if you just decide to dedicate 10 minutes a day to get moving! What are you waiting for?

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