‘You become part of the performance,’ Department of Defense Analyst Says

April 18, 2018

“Beautiful choreography. Beautiful dance. Beautiful music. Just the colors, the costumes—just simply amazing.

“I think the revival [of traditional Chinese culture] is fantastic. … I think it [the culture] is beautiful. I think it is true to their beliefs, to their hearts, and true to who they are, and [to] have that suppressed is just deplorable.”

“You can see that [how performers cultivate themselves] come through in the art. And you can sense it, you can feel it, you go through the emotions that they are going through. And I think it is a beautiful orchestration of what their true beliefs are—coming through their souls—into the arts and into the performance.”

“[I sensed] a lot of energy, [which] comes from their hearts. They truly believe in what they are performing.”

“You feel involved in the performance. The performers lure you into the performance and you become part of the performance because if you truly understand their art—so you are missing a fantastic opportunity if you don’t become part of the performance.”