‘You are made part of the performance from beginning to end’

December 31, 2017

“The performance was outstanding. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be, and I think it even exceeded my expectations. We’ve been wanting to see it for the last few years and we always thought about going.”

“It’s fantastic. There aren’t any words to describe it. It’s outstanding. Their level is of excellence in all aspects, in dancing and costumes, and everything is just beyond what you’d imagine.”

“It’s just the way that everything flows so well … and as a person who used to dance, that’s what you strive for, I think, is to just make it fluid. And that’s what they gave us.”

“It’s just outstanding. You actually have to see it. You have to come and see the performance, to feel exactly what goes into it.”

“They bring you into the performance. You are made part of the performance from beginning to end. You’re a spectator, but you are brought into the whole spectacle. That’s how I found it. I was brought into it. You are able to relate to it, or to find pieces that you relate to.”