Yemen Hunting for 60 Suspected Kidnappers

May 31, 2010 Updated: May 31, 2010

The Yemen government is searching for 60 Yemenis wanted in connection with kidnapping foreigners, the interior minister said on Saturday according to AFP.

Some are for kidnappings that happened 10 years ago. Also on the wanted list are 65 kidnappers suspected of abducting Yemeni citizens.

Kidnappings are frequent in Yemen. Tribesmen use hostage as leverage to bargain with government officials. AFP reports that 200 foreigners were kidnapped in the past decade in Yemen, and most of them have been freed unharmed.

This announcement comes days after tribesmen kidnapped two Americans allegedly in exchange for an imprisoned fellow tribal member. The couple was released after two days, owing to pressure from Yemeni officials and denouncement of the kidnapping by tribal leaders according to another report by AFP.