Xinjiang Man Eats A Box of Staples Every Day

August 6, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

There’s always something new under the sun! A man from Xinjiang province in China has demonstrated he’s a special individual. He has the ability to chew rocks and his hobby is to eat staples. He said such inclination was not something he learned, but he was born with it. It defies explanation!

According to Renmin Wang (, the man’s name is Amir Yimti. He was born on June 10, 1965 the fifth child in a family of ten sons. His family members became aware of his unusual ability when he was seven years old.

Amir Yimti’s oldest brother said that when they were young, the brothers went with their parents to work on a farm. Amir was always seen idly punching stones, and others felt he was just too lazy to work. The family was alarmed when they first saw Amir bite a nail and swallow it. He didn’t even feel pain when his father, punishing him for truancy, once beat Amir so hard that he broke the whipping stick. There was the time Amir injured his arm and was sent to the hospital to have his wound dressed. Upon touching the arm, the doctor appeared to have been electrocuted and jumped several feet away.

A friend said Amir eats one box of staples every day and he seems to get hungry quicker than other people. Amir explained when he sewed his clothes as a child, he always had trouble handling the needle and the thread. He became so annoyed that he just devoured the needle. However, what he loves to eat most are the homemade Uygur foods shou zhua rou (stewed mutton served with one’s hand) and la tiao zi (a type of Chinese noodles).

According to Amir, X-rays were taken to make a diagnosis while he was chewing the staples. The films indicate the staples became indefinable once they reached his pharynx. Researchers often ask to study him, but Amir refuses to do so, for his talents are only for appreciation.

Amir wants to live a normal life like anyone else, although he’s certainly different. He has a happy family: a beautiful wife, and two lovely daughters.